Policies & Constitutions


Bowls Australia Policies Endorsed by Bowls Tasmania:

Anti-Doping Policy

Bowls Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective from January 1, 2021, and found here on the Sport Integrity Australia website.    All members, participants and non-participants in the sport of Bowls are bound by these rules.

Artificial Devices Policy


National Integrity Framework:

Bowls Australia and Bowls Tasmania have adopted Sports Integrity Australia’s (SIA) National Integrity Framework which takes a proactive approach to mitigate integrity threats to sports and provide a safe, fair, and healthy environment for participants at all levels of the sport. The National Integrity Framework is a set of rules that all members of our sport need to follow when it comes to their behaviour and conduct in Bowls.

The suite of National Integrity Framework policies, and further information can be found below, or on Bowls Australia’s Sport Integrity web page – https://www.bowls.com.au/about-ba/national-integrity-framework/

National Integrity Framework.

National Integrity Framework – Summary.

National Integrity Framework – Child Safeguarding Policy (Updated 1 January 2024).

National Integrity Framework – Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy (Updated 1 January 2024).

National Integrity Framework – Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy (Updated 1 January 2024).

National Integrity Framework – Improper Use of Drugs and Medicines Policy (Updated 1 January 2024).

National Integrity Framework – Member Protection Policy (Updated 1 January 2024).


Bowls Tasmania Policies:

Affiliation, Clearances and Eligibility to Play Policy November 2023

Inclusion Policy February 2024

Inclusive Language Policy May 2023

Life Membership Policy March 2023

Players and Officials Code of Conduct Policy April 2024

Player and Officials Travel, Accommodation, Meals and Expenses Policy (including Co-Contributions) – April 2024

Risk Management Policy – August 2023

Social Media Policy March 2023

Selection Policy April 2024

Smoke Free and Alcohol Policy – August 2023

Uniform Policy October 2022

Weather Policy August 2023

Working With Vulnerable People Policy March 2023