When it comes to playing the game of bowls it is obvious that volunteers are essential to the conduct of the sport. Umpires – essentially volunteers- are vital. They may be participating in the game as well as taking on the responsibility of umpiring, or they may be appointed by the controlling body for specific events. A knowledge of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, of National and local regulations and Conditions of Play are fundamental, together with the ability to apply the appropriate law/regulation at a particular time/place.

Have you considered becoming an accredited umpire? Becoming an Umpire, Measurer or Marker in the sport of bowls is an option available to anyone. Umpires are vital to the game of bowls and should be respected when carrying out their duties. As you progress through the program and gain valuable skills, you have the opportunity to officiate at state, national and even international events.

The National Officiating Accreditation Scheme provides the framework of the accreditation of Umpires.

Becoming an Umpire for the first Time?

To become a fully accredited umpire, you must first complete the Measurer and Markers modules before then progressing to the National Umpires Course.

Reaccrediting as an Umpire?

Bowls Australia is committed to ensuring our reaccreditation requirements for Officiating are clear for all current and potential Officials. We have designed a system in combination with our state and territory associations which provide the necessary development for our officials, but removes unnecessary hurdles to completing the process.

In summary, the Official Reaccreditation model is: 

1. Fill out and complete a reaccreditation form and send it in to your relevant STA;
2. Answer questions related to the Officiating duty;
3. Answer questions related to Manage Self Module;
4. Complete an On Green Assessment.