Governance & Staff


The Constitution of Bowls Tasmania defines the composition of the Board of Management as follows:

President :    The Board will appoint a President from amongst its numbers. The President shall be the nominal head of the Association and will act as chair of any Board meetings or General Meetings.

Treasurer:  Shall be appointed by the Board as an Independent Director.

Directors (6):  Six (6) Directors elected by the Regions. 3 male, 3 female. Directors cannot hold positions on Regional Boards. Term is for 3 years.  The Board must appoint one Independent Director(Treasurer) and can appoint up to 2 other Independent Directors as required from time to time.


Director Roles

  • Guide the Association (Bowls Tasmania) in the formulation of the strategic direction.
  • To determine policies for the sport
  • Review the Association’s performance in achieving its pre-determined aims, objectives and policies.
  • Receive nominations for and appoint members of the Board.
  • Conduct the Annual General Meeting of the Association plus other meetings as and when determined
  • Monitor and amend the Bowls Tasmania Incorporated Constitution as and when required
  • Elect members of standing committees

Board of Directors



Bowls Tasmania CEO: Rebecca Van Asch

Regional Consultative Committee

Each Regional Authority shall appoint delegates to the Bowls Tasmania Regional Consultative Committee.  The delegates shall be two from each of the regions, Bowls South, Bowls North and Bowls North West