Governance & Staff


The Constitution of Bowls Tasmania defines the composition of the Board of Management as follows:

President :    The Board will appoint a President from amongst its numbers. The President shall be the nominal head of the Association and will act as chair of any Board meetings or General Meetings.

Treasurer:  Shall be appointed by the Board as an Independent Director.

Directors (6):  Six (6) Directors elected by the Regions. 3 male, 3 female. Directors cannot hold positions on Regional Boards. Term is for 3 years.  The Board must appoint one Independent Director(Treasurer) and can appoint up to 2 other Independent Directors as required from time to time.

Director Roles

  • Guide Bowls Tasmania in the formulation of the strategic direction.
  • To determine policies for the sport
  • Review Bowls Tasmania’s performance in achieving its pre-determined aims, objectives and policies.
  • Receive nominations for and appoint members of the Board.
  • Conduct the Annual General Meeting of Bowls Tasmania plus other meetings as and when determined
  • Monitor and amend the Bowls Tasmania Inc. Constitution as and when required
  • Elect members of standing committees

Board of Directors

Please click here to see a list of the current Board of Directors and their portfolios.


Bowls Tasmania CEO: Rob McGuire

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Regional Consultative Committee

Each Regional Authority – Bowls Tasmania South, Bowls North and Bowls North West – is entitled to appoint two delegates to the Bowls Tasmania Regional Consultative Committee.