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Do I need to register to use a Bowling Arm?

Under the  revised Bowls Australia Artificial Devices Policy (1 May 2019) it is no longer a requirement for players to have the approval from their State Governing Body to use an artificial device (bowlers arm), or to have a medical certificate to use a bowlers arm. Bowls Tasmania, along with the Bowling Arm Tasmania Committee, do however request that Clubs update each members records on the Bowls Link database to reflect if they are using the assistance of a bowling arm. Although this is not mandatory we use this record to contact bowlers with a bowling arm directly to notify them of upcoming Bowling Arm specific events or selection trials etc. Click here for further information.

I use a Bowling Arm but I’m not getting any direct emails about upcoming events?

Please contact Bowls Tasmania via email to register your email address to your profile so you are getting all of the latest information. Contact Bowls Tasmania;

What is the Bowling Arm Tasmania Committee and what is their role?

The Bowling Arm Tasmania Committee is a Committee under the Board of Bowls Tasmania and is responsible for the management and oversight of all bowling arm activities in Tasmania. Click here for the Bowling Arm Tasmania Committee Terms of Reference. The Committee comprises a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and 6 regional representatives (2 from each State region) together with a Bowls Tasmania Board Director.  The Committee meets on a regular basis and is able to co-opt other members as required (e.g. fundraising co-ordinator). Current Committee members are –
  • Chairman:  Ian Williams     0414 488 064
  • Deputy Chairman:  Joe Reissig       0448 777 510
  • Secretary  Gordon Hurst      0414 737 497
  • BTAS Board Director: Leonie Price     0418 500 514
Regional Representatives & Contact People South
  • Geoff Price     0467 262 220
  • Bill Mottershead     0409 763 214
North West
  • Ross Bebbington  0400 531 686
  • Heather Jones 0400 599 920
North / East Coast
  • Joe Reissig 0448 777 510
  • Ian Williams 0414 488 064
  • State Bowling Arm Coach – Peter Thow     0407 877 414
  • Fundraising Co-ordinator – Jillian Weston
Activities with which the Committee is involved include organising regular social/gala days, carnivals and coaching opportunities specifically for bowlers with bowling arms throughout Tasmania, and management of the State Bowling Arm Team‘s competing in the Annual National Bowling Arm Championships A regional round robin will be held each season.   Click here for details and the Conditions of Play.

    Congratulations to the following bowlers who have been chosen in the Bowls Tasmania team for the National Bowling Arm Championships which will be held at Maitland New South Wales from 9 – 13 September 2024.    

    • Sally Archer, John Borg, Geoff Buchanan, Noel Buckingham, Paul  Bugg, John Burley, Gaylene Elsworthy, Tony Lynd, Bill Mottershead, Noel Purton, Michael Shingles, David Sims, Chris Sturzaker, Peter Thow and Doreen White.   The reserve who will be travelling with the team is Chook Downey.

    Congratulations on your selection.


    The 2023-24 Bowling Arm Regional Round Robin will be contested over three rounds by two teams of five armed bowlers from each Region in Tasmania.   Teams will have at least one male and one female bowler in each and will be selected by the respective Regions. Round 1 will be held at the Devonport Country Club on Sunday 26 November 2023, commencing at 9.30am. Fours and singles will be played in the morning, with pairs and triples in the afternoon. Bowlers wishing to compete for their Region should advise their interest to their Regional representative(s) as early as possible. Regional representatives are – South – Geoff Price 0467 262 220 North/East Coast – Joe Reissig 0448 777 510 North West – Ross Bebbington 0400 531 686 and Heather Jones 0400 599 920 Subject to confirmation of venue, Round 2 will be held at the Kingborough Bowls Club on 25 February 2024, with Round 3 at Kings Meadows Bowls Club on 28 April 2024. Further details and the approved Conditions of Play for the competition are on the Bowling Arm Central page of the Bowls Tasmania website.
  • Results for 2023-24 Regional Round Robin

  • Conditions of Play for the 2023-24 Regional Round Robin

  • Dates for your diary 2024-25:

  • 26 May 2024 – Bowling Arm Gala Day – Cressy.
  • 7 July 2024 – Bowling Arm Gala Day – Kings Meadows.
  • 10 – 11 August 2024 – Bowling Arm Triples Carnival – St Helens
  • 9 – 13 September 2024 – National Bowling Arm Championships – East Maitland, NSW.
  • 27 October 2024 – State Bowling Arm Coaching Day – Midlands*
  • 24 November 2024 – Bowling Arm RRR Round #1 – North-West. *
  • 4 – 8 January 2025 – Bowls Tasmania Gala Week 1 (Bowling Arm Singles & Pairs State Championships) – North-West.
  • 23 February 2025 – Bowling Arm RRR – Round #2 – South
  • 8 – 14 March 2025 – Bowls Tasmania Gala Week 2 (Bowling Arm Triples & Fours State Championships) – South
  • 4 May 2025 – Bowling Arm RRR Round #3 – North
  • 1 June 2025 – Bowling Arm Gala Day – North-West *
  • 6 July 2025 – Bowling Arm Gala Day – South. *
  • 7 – 12 September 2025 National Bowling Arm Championships – Victoria.
  • 26 October 2025 – State Bowling Arm Coaching Day – Midlands*
  • * Venue to be confirmed
The following drills have been provided courtesy of Peter Thow.     To get the best out of these drills, it is important to do the scoring so that your continuing improvement can be seen over time.   Your game is guaranteed to improve if you use these drills as part of your practice.
Controlled Conversion A4 Drills -1 Draw Bowling Drills
Drawing A4 Drills Leads Drills
Positional Drawing A4 Drills Weight Conversion A4 Drills-1
40 Bowl Draw Drill 48 Bowl Drawing Drill