Statewide Challenge 2023-24

Each season Bowls Tasmania conducts a Statewide Challenge round-robin competition between Bowls North, Bowls North West and Bowls Tasmania South in Open, Seniors (Over 60) and a Juniors section.   Three rounds are played each season – one in each region.   Two games are played each round.   In the Open and Seniors section, Bowls Tasmania will play its state team to ensure that there are two games played in each of the two games played each round.  Points for all games are cumulated with shields presented to the winning overall regions. It should be noted that Bowls Tasmania State sides will compete for the same points as the regions but will be ineligible to be the winning Open and Senior Men’s and Women’s and the overall competitions.


Conditions of Play 2023-24 (January 2024)

RESULTS 2023-24

Results for each round of Statewide Challenge in each section can be found below – just click on whichever section you want to check the results.

Open Men

Open Women

Senior Men

Senior Women



Final individual ladders and the final overall cumulative ladder as at 3 April 2024 after the final two rounds of Open SWC can be found HERE.