Saturday Pennant 2023 State Pennant Finals

Congratulations on the following clubs who have won their regional pennant grand finals:

Pennant DivisionNorth WestSouthNorthEast Coast
Division 1RidgleyHowrahTrevallyn 
Division 2PenguinRosny ParkExeter 
Division 3SheffieldKingboroughGeorge TownScamander
Division 4LatrobeCygnetKings Meadows 
Division 5PenguinClaremont –
Not Playing
Division 6 FranklinLilydale 

All the above clubs will be invited by Bowls Tasmania to compete in the Bowls Tasmania Saturday State Pennant Finals which will be played on Saturday 22 April 2023 and Sunday 23 April 2023 at the Burnie and South Burnie Bowls Clubs.

All Divisions except Divisions 3, 5 and 6

Game 1 – Saturday 9 – 9am Start: North West vs North

Game 2 – Saturday – 1pm Start: South vs Loser Game 1

Game 3 – Sunday – 9am Start: South vs Winner of Game 1

Division 3

Game 1 – Saturday – 9am Start: North vs NW, South vs East Coast

Game 2 – Saturday – 1pm Start: NW vs South, North vs East Coast

Game 3 – Sunday – 9am Start: East Coast vs NW, South vs North

Divisions 5 and 6

Division 5 One Game Only – Saturday – 1pm start – NW vs North  

Division 6 One Game Only – Saturday – 1pm start – South vs North

Please note that Sides shall consist of 3 rinks of 4 players in the State Pennant Finals.  

Venues will be as follows:

Burnie- Premier, Division 1 and Division 3.

South Burnie- Division 2, Division 4, Division 5 and Division 6.

Participating clubs with more than one team playing in State Pennant Finals will be played at the same venue.

Participating clubs are required to email their squad to your region’s Statistician at least four days prior to the event to confirm their eligibility.

Region Responsibilities:

  • In conjunction with Bowls Tasmania, appoint venues.
  • Appoint a relevant number of Umpires/measurers for each venue.
  • Each regions Statistician’s to verify eligibility of their players in each grade and email eligible playing list to BTAS office two days prior to event

Host Venue Responsibilities:

  • Allocate rinks as per agreement with Bowls Tasmania.
  • Provide mats, jacks and scoreboards for each rink with names for participating teams.
  • Provide Master Scoreboards for each game with names for participating teams and some-one to regularly update the overall scores  (one of the participating team’s match managers could be asked to assist).
  • Provide a Match Manager to oversee.
  • Enter results into the online portal after each game.
  • Host venues are required to provide a list of what they are prepared to provide for lunch (canteen style products only) and costs.   They will be required to provide a list what can be pre-ordered by participating clubs.  As there are usually a number of spectators present, host clubs will be encouraged to make food available for sale to these people as well.

Participating Club Responsibilities:

  • Provide list of players to your region’s Statistician at least four days prior to event to verify their eligibility to play.
  • Enter team players into the online portal (available from Tuesday 18 April 2023).
  • Be aware of Conditions of Play and be sure all players are eligible.
  • Participating clubs will be provided with a list of food available and be requested to pre-order if possible and pay for the order before lunch on the day. Pre-ordered food will be available at the start of the lunch break. There will be no guarantee of the availability of food other than what has been pre-ordered.
  • All teams participating (where practicable) must stay for presentations.

Practice Rules:

Rules for practice for Saturday State Pennant Finals will be as follows.

  • Subject to permission of the host club, practice is permitted on any available rink on any green of the host club in the days leading up to Saturday State Pennant Finals. 
  • There will be no practice permitted prior to any 9am games other than the usual two trial ends.
  • The team with the bye may practice on the rinks that the two teams have just played on at the conclusion of their game. However, they must be off the green 30 minutes prior to the start of play or by the time the cards are drawn, whichever comes first.

Conditions of Play:

Conditions of Play can be found HERE.


Results will be posted on Bowls Link immediately after each game is finished.   To view the results, click HERE.