Bowls Tasmania Strategic Plan 2022-25

by Rebecca Van Asch on August 29, 2022

Bowls Australia has reviewed its Strategic Plan for 2022-25 with a major priority being to future proof Bowls:      MORE PEOPLE – PLAYING MORE BOWLS – MORE OFTEN!

Bowls Tasmania has also reviewed its previous Strategic Plan 2019-23 and has aligned it in timeframes and in areas of mutual priority with Bowls Australia’s 2022-25 Strategic Plan, whilst also ensuring that Tasmania’s needs are prioritized and actioned as required.

Bowls Tasmania strongly believes that bowls can improve health and social outcomes for all Tasmanians through involvement in our sport and our aim going forward will be to get more Tasmanians playing bowls more regularly – be it socially or competitively.

A major focus for Bowls Tasmania moving forward will be to provide inclusive programs that increase the accessibility of bowls for all Tasmanians.

Bowls Tasmania will work together with its regions and clubs to ensure the successful and sustainable future of bowls in a rapidly changing Australian sport and active recreation landscape.

Bowls Tasmania Strategic Plan 2022-25

In addition to our normal activities, a lot of work will need to be done to achieve the vision outlined in the Strategic Plan.   A separate Operational Plan 2022-25 is currently being prepared which will detail actions to be taken to ensure the achievement of specific “Success Indicators” outlined in the Strategic Plan.   The Operational Plan will outline who is responsible for what actions, the time frame for such actions and performance indicators required to indicate the achievement of specific actions.  

Bowls Tasmania Operational Plan 2022-25 Coming Soon