Bowling Arm Pairs Champions Crowned

by Rebecca Van Asch on January 14, 2020

The Tasmanian Bowling Arm Championships have been held for the second time in 2020. The final was held today at the Trevallyn Bowls Club between Geoff Munro and Kevin Booth versus Joe Reissig and Ian Morley (substituting for Noel Carlon who is out injured).

Reissig and Morley playing on their home ground at Trevallyn got out to an early lead in the final to be in front 9-1 after just 4 ends. However Munro and Booth held strong to take the lead 12-11 after 9 ends of the 15 end game. However the Trevallyn duo scored a 5 on the 10th end which saw them back in front 16-12.

But it was Munro and Booth, both from Brighton Bowls Club, that went on to score 9 shots over the next 4 ends to take out the Tasmanian Bowling Arm Pairs title 21-19.

Congratulations to both teams on a hard fought final.

The Junior Boys Singles sectional play was also played today at the Trevallyn Bowls Club. Unfortunately the results from this competition have not been received so a full report can’t be given, but we can report that the Section Winners were Blair Fidler, Jack Watson, Lachlan Thurley and Baylen Jones.  While Fidler defeated Jones in Semi Final 1 and Thurley defeated Watson in Semi Final 2.  Therefore the final will be between Blair Fidler  and Lachlan Thurley tomorrow at 3pm.

The Women’s Open Triples sectional play was contested at the Kings Meadows Bowls Club today with 5 section winners progressing through and 3 next best qualifiers to round out the Quarter Finals.

Section 1: Triffitt 4pts +7

Section 2: Simpson 6pts +41

Section 3: Maughan 6pts +19

Section 4: Tanner 6pts +16

Section 5: Van Asch 6pts +19

Next Best 1: Ayton 4pts +18

Next Best 2: Bannister 4pts +6

Next Best 3: Huett 4pts -13



The Men’s Open Triples Sectional Play was contested at the North Launceston Bowls Club today with 6 section winners progressing through and 2 next best qualifiers.

Section 1: Griffiths 6pts +24

Section 2: Windrum 4pts +27

Section 3: Nitz 6pts +22

Section 4: Johns 4pts +12

Section 5: Page 4pts +6

Section 6: McLean 4pts +17

Next Best 1: Booth 4pts +26

Next Best 2: Butler 4pts +10 (123.80%)

Gaffney narrowly missed out with 4pts +10 (121.27%)



All games will be played at the North Launceston Bowls Club tomorrow with the following schedule;



  • Open Triples Semi Finals
  • Bowling Arm Singles Semi Finals
  • Junior Boys Pairs Final


  • Open Triples Finals
  • Bowling Arm Singles Final
  • Junior Singles Finals