SWC – North West secure Men’s title, South & North share Women’s spoils

by admin on December 16, 2018

The Second Round of the State Wide Challenge was held at Kings Meadows today. Some great bowls were played but it was the North West in the Mens & the South in the Womens competitions that now have the upper hand.


In the Men the North West defeated the North 1 side comfortably 61-38 with Mark Nitz being the big winner by 16 shots over Aaron Page, whilst in the second game they defeated the North 2 side 66-30 with Tim Douce defeating Scott Crocker 28-4. The South & the North split their games with North 2 losing 46-55 & North 1 winning by 4 43-39.

This now leaves the teams with;

North West 6 wins

South & North both have 1 win

The North West have an unassailable lead and will once again win the Men’s title.


No team was as dominant in the Women’s competition but the South did manage to win both of their games. Their first encounter saw them win 67-43 against the North 2 side, Jenny Tirant’s rink able to win 29-12, whilst in the 2nd game the margin would only be 5 shots against the North, 42-47, with Lyn Triffitt’s 5 shot win over fellow state skip Candice Hodgetts deciding the game with the other two rinks cancelling each other out with 2 shot wins to both sides. The North did pick up two wins on the day, defeating both North West teams. North won was victorious 55-34, Kim Saunders the big winner by 14 shots and North 2 won by 11 shots, thanks to Barbara Smith’s 15 shot win against Alison Venn.

This now leaves the teams with;

North & South have 4 wins

North West 0 wins

The South have the advantage because they have the opportunity to win 4 games in the third round, whilst the North can only win 2.


The third round will be played in the South on the 24th of February.


It is also a good time to remind all players that entries for the State Gala Week close online on Monday night.


North lost to North West (38-61)
A. Page 10 lost to M. Nitz 26, L. Sims 16 def T. Douce 15, R. McMullen 12 lost to L. Richardson 20

North 2 lost to South (46-55)
M. Strochnetter 17 def K. Booth 11, D. Baker 13 lost to L. Schraner 20, S. Crocker 16 lost to P. Bannister 24

North def South (43-39)
A. Page 11 lost to L. Schraner 15, L. Sims 14 drew with P. Bannister 14, R. McMullen 18 def K. Booth 10

North 2 lost to North West (30-66)
D. Baker 12 lost to M. Nitz 14, M. Strochnetter 14 lost to L. Richardson 24, S. Crocker 4 lost to T. Douce 28

North def North West (55-34)
K. Saunders 22 def D. Harman 8, C. Hodgetts 17 def A. Venn 16, B. Godfrey 16 def E. Moore 10

North 2 lost to South (43-67)
B. Smith 18 lost to R. Geeves 22, J. Holland 12 lost to J. Tirant 29, J. Dixon 13 lost to L. Triffitt 16

North lost to South (42-47)
K. Saunders 17 def J. Tirant 15, C. Hodgetts 9 lost to L. Triffitt 14, B. Godfrey 16 lost to R. Geeves 18

North 2 def North West (51-40)
B. Smith 20 def A. Venn 5, J. Holland 18 def D. Harman 15, J. Dixon 13 lost to C. Nolan 20


By David Genford