Let the Games begin!

by admin on April 4, 2018

The Opening Ceremony is coming to a close and Thursday will see the first day of competition at the Broadbeach Bowls Club. All players from the Jackaroos will be in action with 4 of the 7 matches being shown on the digital stream of the Commonwealth Games. If you are on a computer or laptop, use the following link – https://7commgames.com.au/live/4 to access the games. You can also use the Channel 7 Commonwealth Games app to watch on your phone or tablet.
Unfortunately Tasmania’s Rebecca Van Asch won’t be one of the featured matches tomorrow (Women’s Fours) but we will be crossing our fingers that she will be shown over the coming days! The 8 matches being shown tomorrow are the following
Karen Murphy vs Malia Kioa (Tonga) & Australia vs Jersey (Men’s Triples)
Catherine Beattie (Northern Ireland) vs Colleen Piketh (South Africa) & Wales vs South Africa (Men’s Triples)
England vs Malta (Women’s Fours) & Australia vs Malta (Men’s Pairs)
Wales vs South Africa (Men’s Pairs) & Northern Ireland vs Fiji (Women’s Fours)
The other Australian matches will be played at the following times
Para Sport Pairs vs South Africa
Women’s Fours vs PNG
Para Sport Triples vs Scotland
If you’re going to be following along with the games, it is important to remember the following;
·         Sections are made up of 5 or 6 countries with 2 from each section advancing to the Quarter Finals
·         The Singles matches are first to 21
·         The Pairs & Triples are over 18 ends, with the Pairs being 3 bowl Pairs
·         The Fours are over 15 ends
·         Games are also timed and will conclude even if the total ends are not complete
If you missed yesterday’s interview with Van Asch, then click here – Commonwealth Games Preview
If you would like to see which countries are in which section, then click here – Sectional Draw
There will be many more updates throughout the Commonwealth Games. We wish all the Jackaroos the best of luck!
By David Genford