Veolia SWC Senior RD 2

by admin on January 19, 2015

Veolia Senior Statewide Challenge.

Men’s Results.

Round 3.
NW2 defeated South 13-1
J Neal 13 drew with J McKibben 13
W Marshall defeated G Allford 20-17
H Douce defeated P Hoffman 23- 9

NW defeated North 14-0
R Cornwall defeated B Howard 18-11
P Moore defeated P Zoon 26-7
W Manson defeated R Walsh 19-10

Round 4.
South defeated NW2 12-2
J McKibben defeated P Moore 17-14
G Allford defeated W Manson 22-17
P Hoffman lost to R Cornwall 13-15

North defeated NW2 12-2
R Walsh defeated H Douce 21-15
B Howard lost to J Neal 15-23
P Zoon defeated W Marshall 15-11

Women’s Results.

Round 3.
NW1 defeated North 14-0
M Beaumont defeated S Redman 15-11
J Grandfield defeated K Saunders 19-15
S Geeves defeated S Fletcher 20-12

South defeated NW2 10-4
C Bannister lost to P Medwin 15-17
Y Buckley lost to J Hope 20-21
S Martyn defeated G Meacham 27-13

Round 4.
South defeated NW1 12-2.
C Bannister defeated M Beaumont 15-12
Y Buckley lost to J Grandfield 11-21
S Martyn defeated S Geeves 24-13

North defeated NW2 12-2
S Redman lost to J Hope 17-22
M Pearce defeated G Meacham 18-16
K Saunders defeated P Medwin 24-9.