Technical Workshops & Courses

by admin on January 18, 2015

For some time, it has been our intention to provide an increased level of courses/workshops within Tasmania. The long-term plan was always to have a yearly schedule established, in advance. Naturally, a good deal of planning has gone into designing a schedule that will provide opportunities to all Tasmanian bowlers at various times of the year, and in all three Regions. After consultation with the Bowls Tasmania Presenters and Assessors, we are delighted to announce a Statewide schedule whereby we will deliver the technical arms of our sport to the bowls public.
Specifically, I refer to the new officiating structure (incorporating Marker, Measurer, and National Umpire courses), Club Coach courses, and Selector, and Competition workshops.
Naturally, the schedule may need to be altered slightly if required, but it is hoped that all participants will be able to choose a course/date/time to suit from the available options.

Registration into all courses/workshops is via the online portal only.
Remember, you don’t have to pay the fee during the registration process if you don’t want to…..that may be done at a later date.


North    –          Marker          Measurer          National Umpire          Club Coach          Selector          Competition
South    –          Marker          Measurer          National Umpire          Club Coach          Selector          Competition
NW         –          Marker          Measurer          National Umpire          Club Coach          Selector          Competition
As you would expect, access to the Registration portal is also available on the Bowls Tasmania website.

ATTACHED          –              Five documents are attached to this email.
1.       A copy of this email in a printable format to display on club notice boards.
2.       Course/Workshop Schedule       –              NORTH
3.       Course/Workshop Schedule       –              SOUTH
4.       Course/Workshop Schedule       –              NORTH WEST
5.       Course/Workshop Schedule       –              STATEWIDE
Print out what you believe is relevant to your members.