Bowls South Media Release – Open Gender Pennant

by admin on June 19, 2014




bowls is in for biggest shake up yet


Changes to long-held lawn bowls gender rules will mix things up on
Southern Tasmania’s greens next season when men and women will be matched
together and against each other as combined gender pennant teams will take part
in the DJ Motors Premier League which commences on 11 October 2014.


In a
move seen by many as a giant step forward for the sport, the board of Bowls
Tasmania South has ruled that Saturday pennant will be non-gender specific for
the 2014-15 season.   Bowls Tasmania
South Secretary, Rob McGuire, claims that the decision has the potential to be
a game changer.  “Bowls Tasmania South
has now created a genuine pathway for all our junior players,” Mr McGuire said.   “And it has also opened up our game to a
whole demographic of working women who were previously unable to play true,
competitive bowls in Southern Tasmania.”


Mr. McGuire said   “It is a positive move.   The thing about lawn bowls is that it really
is not gender specific and women can play very well against men.   The reason it is being done is to try and
get more people playing the game.   Bowls Tasmania South now believe
that we will see significant growth in our game over the next few years”


non-gender specific pennant will happen on Saturday’s, the Bowls Tasmania South
Board has decided that Midweek Pennant (men only) and Thursday Pennant (women
only) will remain the same for next season.  
Conditions of play will include a “spirit of the game” clause that will
penalise clubs who play players in lower pennant divisions than their ability
would demand.


further information contact:

McGuire Phone 0409 512 220