Saturday Pennant 2022 State Pennant Finals Results

Congratulations on the following clubs who won their regional pennant grand finals on Saturday 2 April 2022:

Pennant DivisionNorth WestSouthNorthEast Coast
PremierPenguinSandy BayLongford 
Division 1LatrobeNew NorfolkWestbury 
Division 2RailtonSandy BayMidlands 
Division 3LatrobeClaremontGeorge TownScamander
Division 4PenguinCremorneLongford 
Division 5BurnieClaremontSt Helens 
Division 6 ClaremontWestbury 

All Divisions except Division 3 and Division 6

Game 1 – Saturday 9th 9am Start: South vs North

Game 2 – Saturday 9th, 1pm Start: North West vs Loser Game 1

Game 3 – Sunday 10th, 9am Start: North West vs Winner of Game 1

Division 3

Game 1 – Saturday 9th, 9am Start: North vs NW, South vs East Coast

Game 2 – Saturday 9th, 1pm Start: NW vs South, North vs East Coast

Game 3 – Sunday 10th, 9am Start: East Coast vs NW, South vs North

Division 6

Game 2 – Saturday 9th, 1pm start – South vs North  


Results will be posted on Bowls Link immediately after each game is finished.   To view the results click on the following links:

Premier Division

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Division 6