Australian Indoor Qualifying 2022

Bowls Tasmania will once again be hosting the Australian Indoor Qualifying event, with the successful qualifiers heading to Tweed Heads for the Australian Indoor Championships 15 – 19 August 2022. Players will be responsible for all costs associated with competing in the National Event – although all competing players receive prize money ranging from $100 through to $6,000. (Due to the then ongoing impact of COVID-19 and uncertainty around border restrictions, the 2021 Australian Indoor Championships were cancelled. The 2022 event will now be bigger than ever, bringing together both 2021 and 2022 qualifiers, with more prizemoney up for grabs.)


DATES: 6 – 8 May 2022. Players may select one of three qualifying timeslots Friday afternoon, Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon. With any finals or playoffs being conducted on Sunday if required due to entries.

VENUE: Howrah Community Bowls Centre

QUALIFYING SPOTS: 1 Man and1 Woman (Numbers based on entries received in previous year)

ENTRY FEE: $30 per person

ENTRIES CLOSE: 5pm Sunday 1 May 2022





  • The event will be sectional play with 3 players per section. The player with the bye will be required to mark. Markers will be provided for all post-sectional games.
  • Singles – four bowls, 2 sets of nine ends with a three end tie-breaker played if required to reflect the format of the national competition.
  • One trial end in each direction will be allowed for all games.
  • Respotting the Jack: As per law 56.5 in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, there will be no dead ends. Instead, the jack will be re-spotted in accordance with Law 56.5.3 (that is, with the nearest point of the jack to the mat line at a spot on the rink which is 2 metres from the front ditch and on the centre line) and play should continue.
  • Tiebreaker – The winner of the tiebreaker will be the player with the highest number of shots when the third end is completed. If shot scores are tied after the third end, players must play a fourth tie breaker to decide the winner.
  • First to Play – First end – toss of a coin – the winner can place the mat or advise their opponent to place the mat. Second set – winner of the first set must place the mat.   If the first set is a draw, the winner of the last scoring end must place the mat. First and fourth end of a tie-breaker – toss of a coin.  The winner can place the mat or advise their opponent to place the mat.


  • Practice is permitted on the Howrah indoor green on Thursday or on Friday morning up until 12 noon if players make arrangement to do so – phone Anne Mullavey, Howrah’s Secretary on 0418 386 343..
  • No practice is permitted before the first game on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The player with a bye in the first round can practice after the end of the first round if there is a rink available (other than the one that they are due to play on next).
  • No practice is permitted before the final round each day if both players have already played in a game that day.


  • No food will be available on Friday.
  • Limited food will be available for purchase at lunch time on Saturday and Sunday.