Change in Tasmania Tridents line-up for BPL#18

by Rob McGuire on August 16, 2023

Bowls Tasmania has changed its line-up for the Tasmania Tridents for BPL#18 which kicks off at Club Pine Rivers in Brisbane from 13 – 17 November 2023, following the withdrawal of Taelyn Male due to work commitments.

Ulverstone’s Rob McMullen has been selected to replace Taelyn and will join Michael Sims and Rebecca Va Asch with Mark Strochnetter as coach.

Rob is a well-credential replacement for Taelyn.   Rob is in the current State team and has played 212 games for Tasmania.   In the last two years alone, Rob has won two State Singles titles and is the current Australian Championships singles winner.   He has an Australian Championships triples silver medal, he has been runner-up in the 2023 State pairs, he was runner up in Bowls North Champion of Champion Singles and is currently the second ranked Tasmanian bowler in Australia.

Congratulations Rob.