Bowls Australia statement on Club Support Program

by Rob McGuire on July 25, 2023

Bowls Australia (BA) advises that there will be adjustment to its Regional Bowls Manager (RBMs) Program under a revamped Club Support Program, that will now comprise a combination of both in-the-field staffing and specialist contractor support to provide assistance to clubs nationwide.

The necessity of this change has arisen from the establishment, early in 2023, of material ongoing financial challenges and significant strategic and operational considerations since.

For most states and territories, this will see a reduction in the number of RBMs, to now be known as Club Support Managers (CSMs), who will continue to work with their assigned clubs to support growth and development. In essence, the previous set-up of 19 full-time equivalent (FTE), and more recently following some unreplaced resignations, 15 FTE RBMs will become 10.5 FTE CSMs.

This structural change follows detailed analysis of, and adjustments to, all areas of the BA business to ensure it can best play its role in serving all elements of the sport throughout Australia in both the immediate and longer terms.

BA is presently working through these consequential developments with our team of staff.

Whilst our immediate focus is on supporting those individuals most affected by these changes, any club whose BA contact point may now change will be advised of those details as soon as appropriate.

Further information on BA’s new Club Support Program will flow once the finalised staffing arrangements and aforementioned specialist support partnerships are fully in place.