Return to Play

by Rebecca Van Asch on May 13, 2020

Bowls Tasmania has been working with Community Sport & Recreation Tasmania to prepare a Return to Play Document for Clubs to ensure that you are all aware of how the Tasmanian Roadmap to Recovery effects your Club.  It will be up to each individual Club to decide at what Stage of this process they are prepared to start allowing bowlers on their greens.  Clubs do not have to open their greens up for bowling if they choose not to or deem this to be an unviable option until later stages.

This document has now been finalised and can be viewed HERE for your reference.  It is imperative that all Clubs adhere to this Document to ensure your compliance and your responsibility in keeping all Tasmanian’s safe as we move through these next Stages in our recovery from COVID-19.  We understand that this will not apply to all Clubs at this time as many Clubs with grass greens will be closed during this time anyway.  Therefore this will be of most important to those Clubs with grass greens still open, synthetic greens and indoor centres.

To assist in ensuring that all Clubs fully understand this Roadmap, RBM Alan Eadie and I will once again be hosting a webinar for all Clubs.  It is envisaged that this will be a lot shorter webinar than our last with the single agenda item being the return to bowls topic.  This webinar will enable Clubs to post questions if you feel we have missed anything and we can assist you as we move through this process.

We strongly encourage Clubs that will be opening their greens for bowling to attend this webinar.  Could we also ask that any Clubs that are planning on opening to let us know via return email so we can keep a register?

WHEN: Friday 15th May 2020

TIME: 2pm