by admin on November 20, 2013

AO Qualifying

The final discipline in the Tasmanian section of AO qualifying was completed at North Launceston with the completion of the Men’s and Women’s Fours.

Singles, pairs, fours and mixed pairs and were decided with Gaylene Elsworthy successful in all disciplines to set up a busy schedule for the Australian Open.


Mixed Pairs

Section 1: G Elsworthy

Section 2: R McMullen

Section 3: J Mabb

Section 4: J Baker.

Post sectional:  Elsworthy 18 d Baker 16:     McMullen  16 d Mabb 8

Final:  Elsworthy 19 d McMullen 18      

Men’s Singles

Section 1: J Brown

Section 2: L Turner

Section 3: C Tegg

Section 4: S Springer

Section 5: J Mabb

Section 6: D Minns

Section 7: R McMullen

Section 8: M Sims

Post Sectional

David Minns 14 lt Cameron Tegg 21

Sam Springer 16 lt Jacob Brown 21

Luke Turner 5 lt Michael Sims 21

Joshua Mabb 19 lt Robert McMullen 21


Women’s Singles: Section winners qualify for Australian Open

Section 1: Kim Saunders

Section 2: Gaylene Elsworthy

Section 3: Rae Simpson

Men’s Pairs:

Section 1: D Minns/R Boutcher

Section 2: R McMullen/C Tegg

Section 3: N Smith/P Munday

Section 4: W Springer/S Springer

Post Sectional

McMullen 13 d Smith 10 – after being all even on 13th end

Minns and Boutcher led all game to defeat W & S Springer 14-8

Women’s Pairs

Section 1: G Elsworthy / K Saunders

Section 2: R Simpson / L Quarrel

Men’s Fours

Section 1: D Minns

Minns won through to the final with a come from behind win over Niick Chilcott.After trailing for the first 10 ends the Minns team won for of the next five to advance to the final.

Section 2: P Bannister

Bannister’s Derwent City team (J Mabb, R & L Turner,Bannister) defeated the Nick Smith quad by winning four of the last six ends.

FINAL: David Minns, Sam and Will Springer and Ray Boutcher took the final with 11 shots to spare to gain entry to the Open. Final score – 17/6

Women’s Fours

Gaylene Elsworthy made it a personal games quadrella with the help of team mates V Winley, D Lee, and K Saunders, winning the fours.

The final game was a tight affair with scores even at 11-all on the 11th end with just four to play.  By the 14th end Elsworthy held a one shot margin. Lyn Triffitt then drew the absolute shot to draw the game. Elsworthy then won the game 5-3 on shots up.