Online Courses 2020

Bowls Tasmania has recently done some work to move our Officiating Courses to an Online resource for our members to enable you to participate in activities during this period we find ourselves due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bowls Tasmania have heavily reduced the cost of these courses to encourage more participants than ever before.  So, if you are looking for something to do from home during this downtime why not jump on and complete one of the Courses on offer.

These Courses have been heavily reduced to make these more accessible for participants during these difficult times.  Your first course will be $30 which includes the Course Manual posted directly to your home (Or $40 if you require the law book as well) and each subsequent Course will be $10 only.

Each Course will go for approximately 3hrs and will be run through an online program called ZOOM.  Bowls Tasmania CEO Rebecca Van Asch will be your presenter for these Courses, and we will have a maximum of 5 participants in each course to allow the session to be interactive with participants able to get involved and ask questions etc.  

All you will need to be able to do the Course is a Computer, iPad/Tablet or Smart Phone.  We also recommend having a webcam if possible.  It will be just like being there in person with everyone!

The Courses on offer at this stage include Marker, Measurer and National Umpire.  You must first complete the Measurer and Markers Courses (in any order) before being able to complete the National Umpires Course.  If you have already completed the Measurer and Markers Course previously then feel free to jump straight into the National Umpires Course.

There is a practical component of these courses that will need to be completed in person once we are able to conduct face-to-face get togethers again.  This practical component will take approximately 30mins.  If you have completed more than one Course online then we will be able to host all of your practical components in one meeting to make it easier for you.  These practical sessions will be held in your own region to minimise travel for you at a convenient time for you.  You will not be able to receive your full accreditation and card until this component has been completed.

You can register for a Course below.  (Please note that more Course dates will be added soon including Coaching Courses as well)

MEASURER                              MARKER                      NATIONAL UMPIRE


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