Bowling Arm Regional Round Robin

To – All Armed Bowlers,Tasmania 

Re – 2021 Bowling Arm  Regional Round Robin

In response to requests for more regular off-season bowling arm activities, the Bowling Arm Committee of Bowls Tasmania is introducing a five (5) match regional round robin competition, to replace more frequent gala/social days, leading up to the Bowling Arm National Titles in Western Australia next September. The competition will be open gender, for regular bowling arm users of all abilities who wish to represent their Region. Two teams from each region will compete in all four bowling disciplines, with bowlers playing two (2) games each day. The winning team(s) at the end of the series will be awarded the Bowling Arm Tasmania Regional Round Robin Shield.

Full details of the competition, including dates, venues, game schedules please view the CONDITIONS OF PLAY

Armed bowlers who wish to represent their region should contact their regional bowling arm representatives no later than 14 February 2021. Regional representatives are –


Tony Fulton       0418 146 040

Kevin Bowkett   0438 447 784

North West

Peter Thow        0407 877 414

Heather Jones   0400 599 920


Joe Reissig         0448 777 510

Ian Williams       0414 488 064

All other enquiries should be directed to either Joe Reissig or Ian Williams on the above numbers. Enjoy your bowling.