AGM & Auditors Reports

We have been in contact Consumer Affairs & Fair Trading Tasmania and can confirm the following information for all Clubs & Regions regarding their AGM’s given the social distancing regulations and the requirements regarding non-essential social gatherings. 

Clubs & Regions will still continue to get their books audited at the end of your financial year.  You are still to submit to Consumer Affairs & Fair Trading your annual return within the guidelines they stipulate.  This is simply a copy of your annual report returned from your auditors.  Please note that this can still be done even if you have not held you AGM yet.

If you are able to do so, you can hold your AGM via an electronic meeting, this includes phone or video conferencing.  You can read more about this in the document provided by our lawyers for your information. NOTES FOR ENTITIES AGM

If your Club or Region is not in a position to be able to host your AGM via electronic format for any reason than that will also be ok.  Consumer Affairs & Fair Trading Tasmania have confirmed to us that Clubs & Regions can postpone their AGM’s until they are in a position to be able to, once Government sanctions permit these gathering again.  Clubs & Regions will therefore extend the term of office for their current committee meetings.  Given these unprecedented circumstances it is important for Clubs & Regions to do what they need to during this term to ensure the Governance of their Club or Region.  It is important to keep your members up to date during this period though, so they are aware of what measures have been taken and the reason for this.

If you require any further clarification regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us;

Bowls Tasmania CEO Rebecca Van Asch: 6331 7436

Regional Bowls Manager Alan Eadie: 0427 150 918