Invitation to participate in Peet Kay Group

by Rob McGuire on February 17, 2023

As the organisers of the Tasmanian Peet Kay Group we would like to extend an invitation to join our Group and our next Tour to NSW in late August this year. The following information has been compiled to outline the background and history of the Group and some details in regard to our 2023 Tour. We hope you can join us and enjoy the experience that we have had over many years.


The Peet Kay Group was founded in 1961 by Mr W.S. Kay, President of the Royal NSW Bowling Association and Mr R.R. Peet, President of the Tasmanian Bowls Council at the Australian Championships conducted in Adelaide. These gentlemen had discussions during the event centred around the setting up of a regular competition between New South Wales and Tasmania providing for interstate contests for players who were not selected in official interstate matches.

At the end of the original three matches played in Hobart in 1961 it was agreed that this event be competed for twice annually, one in New South Wales in late August and one in Tasmania in late January each year. The format for the event is seven rinks of four players for each side, day one being an initial warm up game (friendly) to be followed by Tests over the next three days.

It was also decided that a suitable silver trophy be played for which has continued to this day.


The first Test Series was conducted in September 1962 and these have continued twice yearly, with the last recently completed in Wagga Wagga (NSW) in August 2022 (this being the 116th Test Series). Primarily players have been obtained via word of mouth from all Tasmanian and New South Wales Bowls Clubs, with the Tasmanian side coming from within all three Regions of the State.

The Group provides not only a very strong playing environment for all participants but also long-lasting friendships and a widening of bowling contact networks throughout the State. Some representatives have participated in the Group for over twenty years.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, recent Test Series over the past two years and prior to last year, have had to be cancelled. The conducting of the Test Series in Tasmania is rotated amongst the three Regions each year. The next Series in January 2024 will be in the Southern Region. The next Series to be conducted in New South Wales will be held in late August 2023 and within an area yet to be confirmed. The tour by NSW to Tasmania this year had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances occurring within their organising Committee.

Participation in the Group

As can be seen the Group has been in existence for nearly sixty years and it is our intention for it to continue for many years to come. We have Bowls Tasmania endorsement for the Group and its activities and wish to now embark on the recruitment of interested bowlers to participate and enjoy the great fellowship that has emanated from the staging and participation in this competition throughout the years.

As mentioned previously, each Test Series consists of seven rinks of four players from both Tasmania and New South Wales and are conducted at Bowls Clubs within the three Regions in Tasmania on a rotational basis and the various Zones within New South Wales. All Series consists of a warm-up day (friendly) on the Monday and a test over 21 ends on the following Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If one feels that it’s a bit too much playing the four days straight, arrangements can be made to provide for individual rest days.

At Test Series conducted in Tasmania all local participants are asked to confirm whether they intend to participate in the trip to NSW later in the year and generally it has been the practice to obtain new participants via word of mouth. We, as the elected organising Committee, will continue in this vein but, with Bowls Tasmania support, are also contacting Tasmanian bowlers via electronic means to come on board.

To this end we have put this document together to assist us in obtaining new members to the Group. There is no membership fee, the fellowship is great and joining will expand your bowling networks within the State. If you wish to travel to Sydney with us the cost is generally around $1,550 per person over the ten days which covers airfares, accommodation, coach travel and lunch meals at all bowling Clubs.

Also, wives/partners are welcome to join us. Recently, agreement has been reached with the NSW Committee for the Test Series to be conducted as Open Gender. So, this invitation is for all bowlers, male or female, to join in.

We are sure that there are many bowlers within the State who would like to join the Group and have the great times that are available, both here in Tassie and in New South Wales.

If you are interested in participating in the Group, the next Tour to NSW or would like further information, please contact any of the following members of the organising Committee listed below either via text, phone or email in the first instance. Your participation would be most welcome.

Kind regards.

Mike Harris (0499869305)         South

Ian Edwards (0417589425)        North

Mike McHugo (0400653916)       North West