by Rob McGuire on January 6, 2022

On behalf of the Board of Bowls Tasmania we welcome all players to the New Year and Gala Week for January 2022.

This year once again sees us in trying circumstances in that the COVID pandemic continues to be ever present in our lives and activities.

We are indeed fortunate that we can continue with our State Championship activities in a largely unaffected way. We must however remind all that as we are gathering in an organised event we must continue to observe, as a minimum, social distancing, hand sanitising the wearing of masks when indoors and not eating or drinking. Masks must be worn when playing bowls indoors. We encourage all Clubs to ensure that their COVID Safe Plans are up to date with the current requirements.

We can all remember the return to play conditions that were applied last year before the commencement of pennant when we restricted the sharing of equipment during play and ensured that we had hand sanitiser at the entrance of all club houses and at each green in use for the days play. Since then, we have seen the introduction of the Check-In TAS app or QR Code sign in and the compulsory wearing of masks whilst indoors. Bowls Tasmania strongly recommends that all players and clubs always follow these guidelines. This will ensure that we are able to continue to enjoy our sport and keep each other and our community safe.

We wish all members the best of luck for the remainder of the season and the events ahead.