by Rob McGuire on December 6, 2021

The Tasmanian Government has introduced new COVID-19 guidelines for Tasmanian hospitality venues which came into effect for patrons from Monday 6 December 2021.    The guidelines include:

  • A requirement for patrons to be fully vaccinated in those areas of a venue where alcohol is served, and patrons are not exclusively seated.
  • A requirement for all staff to be fully vaccinated from 15 December 2021 .
  • Compliance regarding the vaccination status of patrons is on the individual patron (not the venue or staff).  
  • If vaccination is mandatory in your venue or an area in a venue, it is a requirement that the venue clearly displays visible signage.

Bowls Tasmania has sought clarification from Communities Sport and Recreation and has received written advice that bowls club venues (including clubroom bars and bowling greens) are exempt from the new vaccination requirements.   This exemption applies to all venues operated by a bowls club (as a ‘sporting group’) regardless of the type of liquor licence.    The new vaccination requirements would only apply if there were venues/bars which operate as a separate commercial business – i.e., for profit and not associated with or operated by a bowls club or a non-for-profit organisation.