Mixed Pairs & Bowling Arm Pairs Review

by admin on January 12, 2020

What a big day of bowls. We had 60 teams play the Mixed Pairs, players play the bowling arms pairs and the Juniors play the State Wide Challenge. Let’s have a quick review of what happened.


First of all let’s focus on the Mixed Pairs.


Section 1 saw a very close section but it was the Hinkleys who would just get over the line, with 2 wins +2. Stewart Cashion had a chance to win the section on the last end but it wasn’t to be.

Section two saw Mikayla Baker skip for Matthew Jackson and despite losing their first game, they did enough to win the section with a healthy shots up.

Section 3 had Gene Ayton defeat Steve Graf in the first game, but Graf was able to win the last two games and take the section.

The Maughan combination of Jorja & Isaac lost their last game but did enough to take out the section.

Lyn Triffitt & David Genford were undefeated in Section 5 and went through without any issues.

Amity & Scott Booth played very well to take out their section as 3 game winners.

Taelyn Male & Danielle Towms could not be beaten in section 7, +46 for the three games showing that they had a very good day..

John Sutcliffe has once again played well in a state championship and paired up with Rosie Geeves to win all 3 games and win their section.

Sean Alderson & Wendy Hodgetts overcame a 5 shot loss in their last game to advance to the round of 16.

Rob Pyke was another 3 game winner despite only winning his second match by 1 shot.

Mark Storchnetter & Kim Saunders came out of the toughest section by 5 shots after they had lost to David Minns in the first match.

Chris Lee & Julian Brown played each other has two game winners with Brown taking the victory over the Lees and advancing,

Josh Walker-Davis & Pauline Haigh won all three of their games to take out the section.

The favourites of the day Michael Sims & Bec Van Asch were also three game winner and advanced to the quarter finals with a bye.

The last winners were Jess & Robet McMullen who snuck through after Ray Boutcher couldn’t win their last game to take the section.

In the post sectional play the following occurred,

Steve Graf defeated Mikayla Baker

David Genford defeated Isaac Maughan

Scott Booth defeated Keith Hinkley

Taelyn Male defeated Sean Alderson

John Sutcliffe defeated Rob Pyke

Julian Brown defeated Mark Strochnetter

Robert McMullen defeated Josh Walker-Davis


We also had the Bowlers with a bowling arm pairs sections with the three section winners and a next best loser advancing. Atkinson/Gaffney also won all three games and won section two. Booth & Munro won all three games and won section three. So all section winners were undefeated! Beddington & Lynd won two games and were plus 23 to qualify as the next best winner, well in front of the other 2nd place finishers.


Games tomorrow are

Mixed Pairs

Genford vs Graf (I pick Genford)

Male vs Booth (I Pick Booth)

Brown vs Sutcliffe ( I pick Brown)

McMullen vs Van Asch (I Pick Van Asch)


Bowling Arm Pairs

Reissig vs Gaffney (I Pick Reissig)

Munro vs Lynd (I Pick Munro)


Good luck to all!


The junior results didn’t quite get through to me, but will be reported on tomorrow!


***Selctions Results***

Genford 8/15

Appleyard 8/15


So a tie, a fair result


David Genford