Seniors Win Inaugural Representative Challenge

by Rebecca Van Asch on September 21, 2019

The Senior State Team have dominated the Inaugural Representative Challenge, winning overall 43points to 36 points over the Junior and Open Squad team. The Bowls Tasmania Representative Challenge has been developed for the first time this year to provide our Senior and Junior representative sides a competitive hit out prior to their respective National Championships held in October.

The Open Men came out of the blocks firing this morning winning on both Aaron Page and Michaels Sims rinks to take a 10pts to 2pts lead after the first game of the 3 match round robin. However the Senior men were not to be denied and fired back a 2 rink overall win in the afternoon the rinks skipped by Greg Douce and Wayne Manson the winners for the Seniors.

With scores locked at 12pts a piece it came down to this afternoons third round decider. Wayne Manson, Peter French, Peter Zoon and Trevor Docking made it two wins in a row to defeat Luke Turner’s rink 12-7. They were backed up by Shane Young, Steve Graf, Greg Fehlberg and Shane Boden also making it two rink wins for the day to beat Aaron Page’s rink 11-2. This gave the senior men a 12point Victory to make it 2 out of 3 wins in the men’s round robin.

The women shared the mornings first round with 1.5 rink wins each with Logyn Curtis’ rink drawing with Maxine Monson’s. Erin Moore, Amity Booth, Alanna Cornish and Glenda Fielding did their bit to help the Open Squad with a 9 shot victory over the rink of Kim Saunders. However it was Lyn Triffitt, Judy Gurr, Helen Renshaw (substituting for Madge Strochnetter) and Maureen Zoon securing the overall result for the Seniors with a 18-6 triumph over Makayla Gibson’s rink.

The Open squad managed to secure 2 rink wins in the second round, however Kim Saunders, Bev Huett, Annette Yaxley and Gail Price reversed their fortunes with a 15-7 win to secure the overall for the Seniors. The Open Squad fought back in the afternoon with Jorja Maghan’s rink of Logyn Curtis, Kirsten Viney and Ashlee Woolley securing the overall for them, however it wasn’t quite with the Seniors securing the overall honours today.




Open Squad Won 47-29 (10pts – 2pts)

Douce lt Page 8-16

Young bt Turner 16-10

Mandon lt Sims 5-21


Senior Team Won 31-25 (10pts – 2pts)

Douce bt Turner 12-6

Young lt Sims 4-11

Manson bt Page 15-8


Senior Team Won 28-21 (10pts – 2pts)

Manson bt Turner 12-7

Douce lt Sims 5-12

Young bt Page 11-2




Senior Team won 39-36 (9pts – 3pts)

Triffitt bt Gibson 18-6

Saunders lt Moore 19-10

Monson dw Curtis 11-11


Senior Team won 29-26 (8pts – 4pts)

Triffitt lt Maughan 7-11

Monson lt Moore 7-8

Saunders bt Gibson 15-7


Open Squad won 24-23 (8pts – 4pts)

Triffitt bt Moore 9-8

Saunders lt Maughan 5-9

Monson bt Suttie 9-7