Representative Challenge 2019

by Rebecca Van Asch on September 16, 2019

The inaugural Representative Challenge will be held this Saturday 21st September at the Kings Meadows Indoor Centre. The Challenge will be contested between the Senior (Over 60’s) representative side heading to the Australia Senior Championships in October and a State Squad team. The State Squad team also comprises the 5 boys and 5 girls that will be representing Tasmania at the Australian Junior Championships earlier in October.

To be eligible for the State Squad team, players must not have played for Tasmania at the 2019 Australian Sides Championships.  (Please note dispensation was granted for Jenny Suttie to compete in this team)

The Representative Challenge is a pilot program this year beginning with our Seniors, Juniors and Squad members, before hopefully expanding into more categories in future years.

The Challenge is set to commence at 10.30am and will involve 3 games of 15 ends in a round robin competition.

Open Squad & Junior Team

Ashlee Woolley Kirsten Viney Jorja Maughan Logyn Curtis
Wendy Hodgetts Alannah Kalbfell Jenny Suttie Makayla Gibson
Glenda Fielding Alana Cornish Amity Booth Erin Moore


Patrick Oldham Gene Ayton Isaac Maughan Aaron Page
Baylon Jones Bayley McCarthy Scott Summers Michael Sims
Adam Taylor Lucas Howell Cameron Griffiths Luke Turner


Senior Team

Lead Second Third Skip
Wayne Wilcox Grant Allford Roger Long Greg Douce
Patrick Saltmarsh Peter Zoon Tony Vince Wayne Manson
Shane Boden Peter French Stephen Graf (Capt) Shane Young


Lead Second Third Skip
Pat Zapotocky Barbara Smith Gaylene Elsworthy Maxine Monson
Maureen Zoon Madge Strochnetter Judy Gurr Lynn Triffitt
Gail Price Annette Yaxley Bev Huett Kim Saunders


Game 1

R1: Curtis vs Monson

R2: Gibson vs Triffitt

R3: Moore vs Saunders

R4: Page vs Douce

R5: Sims vs Manson

R6: Turner vs Young


Game 2

R1: Page vs Manson

R2: Turner vs Douce

R3: Sims vs Young

R4: Curtis vs Triffitt

R5: Moore vs Monson

R6: Gibson vs Saunders


Game 3

R1: Moore vs Triffitt

R2: Curtis vs Saunders

R3: Gibson vs Monson

R4: Turner vs Manson

R5: Page vs Young

R6: Sims vs Douce