Photo of the 2018 BWBA Team

Bowlers with Bowling Arm State Team Announced

by Rebecca Van Asch on July 17, 2019

The Tasmanian Bowling with Bowling Arm state team, known as the Armed Devils, are heading to the Australian Bowling Arm Championships being held in Adelaide 8th – 12th September.

Our Armed Bowler headed to the Nationals for the first time last year and will be looking to build on what they have learnt with 10 players from last years event returning this year.  The Armed Devils are spearheaded by our reigning State Champions Peter Thow, Jeremy Bracken and Kevin Bowkett.

Congratulations to all players selected and good luck for Nationals;

Albert Atkinson
Dorothy Bissett
Kevin  Bowkett
Jeremy Bracken
Noel Carlon
Michael Cawthorn
Kevin  Gaffney
Gordon Hurst
Heather Jones
Ian Morley
Peter Rayner
William Reeve
Joe Reissig
Michael Shingles
Colin Shipton
Barry Sonter
Peter Thow
Graham Venn