Overall SWC Standings after 2 Rounds

by admin on February 6, 2019

The Overall Ladder for the Statewide Challenge is starting to heat up with one round remaining in each of the challenges. Let’s have a quick look at the official point’s standings for each event.



The North West have done very well in the Juniors, especially in the second round where they picked up 21 points, more than twice that of any other region. The North West have 34.5 points, in 2nd place is the North with 21 points and in 3rd is the South with 16.5 points.

Senior Men

The North West also have a lead in this event thanks to a strong 2nd round which was played in the North. They lead the way on 46 points, the North are in 2nd with 35 points and the South are once again in 3rd with 15 points.

Senior Women

The North West come back to the pack when these scores are added. The North have done very well in both of the opening rounds, despite their 2nd team not picking up many points in Round 2. The North have 49 points, the South have 32 & the North West have 15 points.

Open Men

The North West Men have been dominant, once again. They have more points than the other two regions combined, almost as much as the other regions combined doubled! The North West have 62 points, whilst the North & South are both on 17 points.

Open Women

Another event that brings the North West back to the pack. The South & North have had the most success with the Southern women having the advantage seeing they haven’t had their 2nd team play and only trail the North by 1 point. The North are on 45, the South on 44 & the North West on 7.


The Overall scores look like this;

North – 167

North West – 164.5

South – 124.5


The South look like they can’t win but they have yet to have their 2nd team play in the Open & Senior competitions. To put that into perspective, the North 2nd sides picked up 29 points and the North West 2nd side picked up 37 points. So the South could have a very good home round as well as the Junior’s who will play in the North and make the ground, but the North & North West are in the prime position. How will the ladder finish up? It promises to be a very close finish!


By David Genford