Senior State Wide Challenge Results

by admin on January 15, 2019

The first round of the Senior State Wide Challenge was held today at the South Burnie Bowls Club. The Men’s results ended up pretty even whilst the Women’s results saw the North & South take the advantage.


In the morning the North took on North West 1 & the South took on North West 2. In the Men’s competition North West 1 got the win on 2 rinks with G Douce & R Richardson both winning by 7 & 8 shots respectively, whilst R Long was the sole winner for the North by 8. In the Women’s competition the North would reverse the result winning on 2 rinks with both M Monson (8 shots) and K Saunders (7 shots) being successful whilst the sole North West winning skip was G Eslworthy by 2.


The other game, North West 2 vs the South, saw the North West continue their dominance again winning on 2 rinks but by closer margins then their Team 1 counterparts. J Neal & D Osborne would win by 3 shots with the South managing to get a 1 shot victory by K Hill. The scores were once again reversed in the Women’s match but this time it would be an all rinks win to the South. L Triffitt the big winner by 16, not far behind was Y Buckley with a 14 shot win and it would be C Bannister who would have the closest game winning by 2 shots.


The afternoon matches saw the North West teams change their opponents but it would be a tough afternoon for the home sides. In the North West 1 vs South Men’s match, the South only won on one rink but it was enough to get them over the line. T Vince would win by 12 shots, K Hill & G Douce would have a draw whilst the North West took the other rink thanks to M Higginton’s 2 shot win. In the Women’s matches, the South would only lose one rink for the day with L Franklin defeating C Bannister by 9 shots. The other two southern teams would cover this loss with Y Buckley having another big win, this time by 15 shots & L Triffitt would win by 1.


The last match of the 4 was the North West 2 taking on the North and in the Men’s match the North West could not capture the win as they did in the morning. B Howard by 7 shots & S Boden by 10 would be the winning skips for the North whilst the sole North West 2 winner was W Willcox by 2 shots. The Women’s match would only be decided by 4 shots and it would be the North to take the win. B Huett would win by 6 shots and K Saunders would win by 4 whilst the North West skip B Loane would win by 6.


The second round of the Senior’s SWC will be held on the 5th of February.


Results in Full


NW1 def N

G Douce 18- B Howard 11

R Richardson 20-S Boden 12

M Higgington 11-R Long 19


NW2 def S

J Neal 20 def  T Vince 17

D Osborne 14 def B Bone 11

W Willcox 13 lost to K Hill 14



NW2 lost to N

J Neal 14 lost to B Howard 21

D Osborne 16 lost to S Boden 26

W Willcox 16 def R Long 14


NW 1 lost to S

G Douce 17 drew K Hill 17

R Richardson 9 lost to T Vince 21

M Higginton 18 def  B Bone 16



North West 2 Wins

North 1 Win

South 1 Win



NW1 lost to N

J Marshall 13 lost to M Monson 21

G Elsworthy 16 def B Huett 14

L Franklin 7 lost to K Saunders 14


NW 2 lost to S

B Loane 11 lost to Y Buckley 25

J Burley 15 lost to C Bannister 17

S Beavis 7 lost to L Triffitt 23


NW2 lost to N

B Loane 19 def M Monson 13

S Beavis 12 lost to B Huett 18

J Burley 13 lost to K Saunders 17


NW1 lost to S

L Franklin 24 def C Bannister 15

J Marshall 9 lost to Y Buckley 24

G Elsworthy 14 lost to L Triffitt 15



South 2 Wins

North 2 Wins

North West 0 Wins


By David Genford