State Singles Predictions

by admin on January 3, 2019

Sorry to be boring, but it’s 11:30pm and I’d like to get some sleep before the singles tomorrow (they could have given me a first round Bye!). So instead of a write up, Michael Sims and I will simply predict the winners, the players still alive heading into the Monday match ups.


Results so far (from 30 sections)

16 for Genford

17 for Sims


Women’s Singles

Genford’s tips on the left, Sims’ on the right

J Tirant – L Triffitt

K Saunders – R Simpson

M Zoon – M Baker

B Godfrey – B Godfrey

L Barlow – L Page

A Booth – V WInley

Y Buckley – Y Buckley

L Banks – L Banks


Men’s Singles

L Schraner – L Schraner

L Richardson – J Mabb

M Rankin – M Rankin

S Graf – J Walker-Davis

S Springer – S Springer

T Male – T Male

L Munnings – G Wakefield

M Jackson – I Maughan

C Griffiths – C Griffiths

T Westlake – R Pyke

A Lowery – A Lowery

S Summers – S Summers

R McMullen – R McMullen

T Douce – T Douce

L Sims – L Sims

P Bannister – P Bannister


Good luck to all players

By David Genford