Van Asch guaranteed Quarter Final berth

by admin on April 6, 2018

The Australian Jackaroos will be very happy with their day on the green, with only one loss to the tally. In the Women’s Fours, with Rebecca Van Asch as a 3, they had a closer than expected result against the Cook Islands whilst completing a second victory for the day when they defeated Namibia. After Day 1 saw a 41-1 victory over PNG, only to see PNG defeat the Cook Islands, the official scorers were worried about the scoreboards not going beyond 49 in this match up. But the Cook Islands had other ideas. After 2 ends the Australian team found themselves down 0-5 and it wouldn’t be until a 4 on the 6th end that they were to hit the front and lead 7-5. The Cook Island didn’t capitulate and kept the scores close only being down by 4 shots with 3 ends to play. It would be Australia who would hold their nerve and close out the game 15-9.
Against Namibia a lost first end put the Australians on notice but they were not to be put under any real pressure, with a 12 shot lead after 5 ends, never reduced by less than 8. They ran away winners 23-9.
The perfect 3-0 start and the same record for Malaysia, mean both teams will proceed to the Quarter Finals but the last round between both teams will decide who wins the section. And I am pleased to announce that the game will be played on one of the TV rinks!
I have gone through all of the sections that the Australians are in to give you an understanding of how they fare before the last round of games tomorrow.
Men’s Triples – Defeated Botswana 33-4 & Fiji 28-3
Thanks to some very strong play today, they will qualify for the finals, barring a miracle. They play Brunei, who have yet to win a game and if they lost, Fiji would have to win and there would need to be a 42 shot turn around (Australia lose by 21, Fiji win by 21 or something similar). Miracle may be an understatement. Jersey are guaranteed to finish top of the section.
Jersey 3-1-0
Australia 2-0-1 (+51)
Fiji 1-0-2 (-32)
Botswana 1-0-2 (-51)
Brunei 0-1-2
Women’s Singles – Defeated Zambia 21-3 & South Africa 21-16
Karen Murphy needs to score 5 shots against Northern Ireland to guarantee her spot in the quarter finals. For her to not finish on top of the group, she would need to lose and South Africa need a 21 shot turn around. The way she is playing, I think she’ll be finishing top of the group.
Australia 3-0 (+40)
South Africa 2-1 (+20)
Northern Ireland 2-1 (+7)
Tonga 1-3
Zambia 0-3
Para-Sport Pairs – Lost to England 16-17
Despite their loss today, Australia still maintains their lead in the section. In fact all teams are 1-1 after the first two rounds! Yesterday’s dominant win has them in good stead.
Australia 1-1 (+22)
Scotland 1-1 (+4)
Wales 1-1 (+3)
New Zealand 1-1 (+1)
England 1-1 (-9)
South Africa 1-1 (-21)
Men’s Pairs – Defeated Brunei 30-7 & Guernsey 18-15
Australia would need to lose by 23 shots to not qualify for the Quarter Finals. If they lose by less than 11, they will finish top of the group anyway. They are in a very strong position.
Australia 3-0 (+37)
Malta 3-1 (+26)
Canada 2-1 (-8)
Guernsey 0-3
Brunei 0-3
Women’s Fours – Defeated Cook Islands 15-9 & Namibia 23-9
As mentioned in the paragraph above, Australia are through to the Quarter Finals. The last game against Malaysia will decide the winner of the section. Shots won’t matter but a draw is good enough for Australia.
Australia 3-0-0 (+60)
Malaysia 3-0-0 (+29)
Papua New Guinea 1-1-2
Namibia 0-1-2
Cook Islands 0-0-3
Para-Sport Triples – Defeated South Africa 13-10
Australia are clear on top of the ladder as the only team to have won both of their games. They play England tomorrow who are sitting 2nd on the ladder with one win and one draw.
Australia 2-0-0 (+15)
England 1-1-0 (+1)
New Zealand 1-0-1 (+20)
Scotland 1-0-1 (+11)
South Africa 0-1-1 (-3)
Wales 0-0-2 (-44)
Now for what is happening tomorrow. The TV rink games are as follows;
Women’s Singles Canada vs Norfolk Island & Scotland vs Wales
Men’s Pairs Scotland vs Malaysia & Australia vs Malaysia
Women’s Fours Quarter Final & Men’s Triples Quarter Final
Men’s Pairs Quarter Final & Women’s Singles Quarter Final
The actual match ups at 4 & 7:30 won’t be known until the last round robin match has been completed in the morning.
The other games for Australia will be played at the following times;
Women’s Singles vs Northern Ireland
Men’s Triples vs Brunei
Men’s Pairs vs Canada
Para-Sport Pairs vs New Zealand
Para-Sport Triples vs England
The Knock Out part of the competition is where it really heats up. Second chances are gone, win or go home. The Australian teams that start the knock out tomorrow (The Para-Sport games continue with round robin for three more days) have set themselves up well and will be keen to still be alive for the Semi Finals on day 4. We wish the Jackaroos the best of luck!
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By David Genford