TAS vs VIC Day 1

by admin on July 10, 2017

The Tasmanian Aceit Cubs set flight today to Victoria to contest the annual Tasmania versus Victoria junior test series.  The event is this year being held at Deer Park in Victoria.
After a practise once they arrived it was straight into Test 1.  Both Tasmania and Victoria had a mix of experience with both teams having 5 players on debut.  Victoria took the honours on the first morning in both the boys and girls battles however it was only by a mere 4 shots in the boys event.
Josh Walker-Davis took the singles reins in the opening match and made it a successful one at that with a 25-15 win.  Isaac Maughan and Josh Brooks also did their bit to give Tasmania hope with Maughan 5 down last night and able to cut it back to one down and win the match 19-16.  However our other two pairs could quite get over the line.  
The Tasmanian boys also put up a good fight in the second test with Lachie Sims winning his singles match 25-16, however the home side proved too strong in the two triples matches to win the second test 2 wins to 1 and plus 10.
The Tassie girls got off to a slower start only managing to salvage one drawn rink in the first test in the girls triples of Lauren Banks, Logan Curtis and Alana Kalbfell.  The girls came back fighting harder int he afternoon however with Ebony White and and Ashlee Woolley setting the tone with a 5 on the first end helping them secure a 15-13 win.  While Banks and Curtis continued their good form by winning their pairs match 21-15.  Tasmanian Junior Girls Singles Champion Jordan Maughan got to play singles for Tasmania in her second junior representative game in a hard fought battle that saw her narrowly miss out 22-25.  
After Day 1 Victoria lead two test to nil in the best of 6 series.  tomorrow will be a big day for Tasmania, needing to win at least one of the tests to keep the series alive.
Test 1
Singles: J. Walker-Davis bt C. Westcombe 25-15
Pairs 1: L. Sims lt J. Davies 14-17
Pairs 2: P. Oldham lt T. Cromie 11-25
Pairs 3: I. Maughan bt L. Morison 19-16
Test 2
Singles: L. Sims bt E. Higgins 25-16
Triples: J. Walker-Davis lt C. Westcome 13-20
Triples: P. Oldham lt B. Pavey 8-20
Test 1
Singles: E. White lt K. Bourke 11-25
Triples: J. Maughan lt N. Russell 14-24
Triples: L. Banks dw M. Long 13-13
Test 2
Singles: J. Maughan lt M. Long 22-25
Pairs: E. White bt N. Russell 15-13
Pairs: L. Banks bt L. Trewarne 21-15
Pairs: C. Cornish lt K,. Bourke 13-26
Test 1:

Boys singles (T1 v V1)

Josh Walker-Davis

Boys Pairs X3

Lachie Sims (s)
Kyron Daly

Patrick Oldham (s)
Liam Davern

Isaac Maughan (s)
Josh Brooks 

Girls Singles (T1 v V1)

Ebony White

Girls Triples X2

Jorja May Maughan (s)
Casey Cornish
Ashley Wooley

Lauren Banks (s)
Logyn Curtis
Alanna Kalbfell
Test 2:

Boys Singles (T2 v V2)

Lachie Sims

Boys Triples X2

Josh Walker-Davis (s)
Kyron Daly
Josh Brooks 

Patrick Oldham (s)
Isaac Maughan
Liam Davern 

Girls Singles (T2 v V2)

Jorja May Maughan

Girls Pairs X2

Ebony White (s)
Ashley Wooley

Lauren Banks (s)
Logyn Curtis

Casey Cornish (s)
Alanna Kalbfell