MEMO: Permit to Play

by admin on September 29, 2016

SUBJECT:              PERMIT
TO:                         Clubs
& Regions
DATE:                     30th
September 2016

Dear Clubs,
Please be aware that the Bowls Tasmania Board at its last board meeting,
Monday 26th September 2016, resolved to allow players to register in
two different regions for the purposes of playing pennant.
This allows a player to be registered in one region for one pennant competition
and registered with a second region for a different pennant competition. 
Players must nominate which club will be their “primary club”.  This will be the only club that players are permitted
to play club games for.  The region that
this club is a member of will be the region that the player is permitted to represent
or play regional events in. 
For this to take affect players must complete the attached PERMIT TO PLAY application, which must be signed by the primary club, the pennant playing
club and the player.  Once completed the
application must be submitted to Bowls Tasmania.
Players must be registered and pay full affiliation fees in both regions
to be entitled to play pennant for both clubs. 
They must also be submitted by both clubs into the database.  We understand that this will give the player
two ID numbers.  Club fees are the
decision of individual clubs.
Please note that this memo
is only regarding across region registrations. 
It is the decision of each region to determine their own rules regarding
intraregional registrations.