Disability Championships – Results

by admin on January 27, 2015

Congratulations to the following people who won their categories at the Tasmanian Disability Championships held today.

Men’s Combined Physical & Visually Impaired.
Sectional Results.
Section 1 winner: Jeremy Bracken
Section 2 winner: Stephen Lockey
Section 3 winner: Robert Booth
Section 4 Winner: Alan Ryman
Semi Final Winners
Stephen Lockey  defeated Jeremy Bracken
2nd Semi Robert Booth defeated Alan Ryman
Between Stephen Lockey and Robert Booth winner Robert Booth 4- 1 in the tie- breaker.
Woman’s Physically Impaired.
Winner Gina Short with 6 point +38
Runner-up Colleen Fellow with 2 points and square
Open Intellectually Impaired.
Winner: Going back to back Daniel Smith 2 points +14
Runner-up: for the second year Natallie Hill 2 points +5.