Revised Tasmanian Open & Development Squads

by admin on October 19, 2014

After the first round of the 2014/15 Veolia Statewide Challenge, the Tasmanian Selectors have today filled the vacancies in the current Open and Development State Squads left by some withdrawals.  The Tasmanian Teams for the ACT and Victorian Test Matches will be selected from these squads before it is relooked at in January.
The Squads are as follows;

Open Squad



Chris Bannon

Yvonne Buckley

Rowan Donahue

Maxine Eaton

Tim Douce

Jeanette Lane

Chris Dudman

Debbie Lee

Brad Gibson

Rosie Geeves

Robert McMullen

Jenny Grandfield

Darren Monks

Michelle Groves

Phillip Mundy

Jess McMullen

Mark Nitz

Karen Redman

Aaron Page

Kim Saunders

Chris Roach

Nicole Smith

Lee Schraner

Satya Springer

Tony Simpson

Gail Thow

Michael Sims

Lyn Triffitt

Mark Strochnetter

Rebecca Van Asch

Scott Summers

Alison Venn

Cameron Tegg

Vicki Winley

Simon Zaporozec

Maureen Zoon

Development Squad



Peter Bannister

Vicki Bannister

Jacob Brown

Kerri Bebbington

Matthew Jackson

Miriam Garrett

John Marshall

Dee Harman

Matthew Mitchell

Wendy Page

Joe Thomas

Helen Sturzaker