J Carroll Club Promotions Pty. Ltd.

Bowls Tasmania is pleased to confirm that J. Caroll Club Promotions Pty Ltd are our preferred scorecard suppliers.  We have had an opportunity to meet with J. Caroll staff and managers in person on a couple of occasions now and we are very impressed with the professional manner in which they conduct their business which is why we will be using them for all of our scorecard printing moving forward.

J. Caroll Club Promotions has supplied top quality bowling scorecards to bowling clubs throughout Australia for the past 30 years.  They take the hassle out of printing and securing advertising on your scorecards for you by approaching businesses in your local area to advertise on your scorecards for a 12 month period.  They also offer services such as Draw Sheets, Entry Forms and Bowling Club Diaries which can also be discussed with the team at J. Caroll.

These scorecards will be free of charge to the Club and J. Caroll will secure advertisers that will be printed on your cards to cover the cost.  Each Club will have the opportunity to discuss this directly with J. Caroll and you can let them know if there are any advertises that are “off limits” due to conflicts with any exclusive deals with your Clubs sponsors. 

For further information contact J. Carroll Club Promotions Pty Ltd: