by Rob McGuire on March 25, 2022

The BPL Cup provides an opportunity for club-based teams to progress through various rounds to National Finals, to be played in parallel with the November 2022 leg of the BPL at Club Pine Rivers, Queensland.

The matches will be played in a two bowl triples format. The matches will consist of two sets of five ends with a one end tiebreaker if the sets are evenly split. One optional roll up end per match (for all players registered in a team).   To ensure quick play, there are to be no jack rolls – jacks are to be placed by the team that controls the mat. Ideally, there will be two jacks for each rink of play (one jack at each end).   Teams can consist of all male, all female or mixed teams, which makes the BPL Cup a purely open gender competition. All players within one team must be from the same club which is affiliated to your State and/or Territory Association.

Clubs have until 30 April 2022 to express an interest in hosting a BPL event with that winner then competing in regional or State finals.  To date just Ulverstone and Longford have submitted an EOI with no clubs yet from the South.  

You can express interest on behalf of your club by clicking HERE.