Results of Round 2 of the Junior SWC

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The 2nd round of the Statewide Challenge for Juniors was held today at the Longford Bowls Club. The South were without State players Lauren Banks & Jorja Maughan and it would be the North West who would take advantage and were the big winners for the day: let’s see what happened.

In the morning games saw the Pairs & Triples take place. The North West won 3 of their 4 match ups, a 21-12 win against the North in the Triples as well as both Pairs matches, 19-7 against the North & 16-7 against the South. Their only slip up was in the Triples where the South were victorious 22-17 and the South made it a clean sweep in the Triples, winning 13-11. The only win for the North was in the Pairs where they defeated the South 16-7. So 3 wins to the North West, 2 to the South & 1 to the North.

In the afternoon, the disciplines changed to Singles & Fours. The North West would improve on their morning’s results, going undefeated in all of their matches. In the singles they defeated the South 21-7 & the North 21-15. In the Fours it would be 15-8 & 14-12 against the South & North respectively. The North & South split their remaining matches with the North winning the Fours 19-8 & the South taking the singles 21-10.

For the day the North West won 7 games, the South 3 & the North 2.

You get 3 points for a win, so that makes it 21, 9 & 6. When you add together the results from Round 1 the standings are;

34.5 North West

21 North

16.5 South


Morning Games


South B def North A 13-11

South B def North West A 22-17

North West B def North B 21-12


North West B def North B 19-7

North A def South A 16-7

North West A def South B 22-11

Afternoon Games


North A def South A 19-8

North West B def South B 15-8

North West A def North B 14-12


North West B def North B 21-15

South A def North A 22-10

North West A def South B 21-7


The third and final round will take place on the 17th of February.


By David Genford