State Pairs Preview

by admin on January 5, 2019

The Open events now move to the Pairs, with the Men at the Round of 16 stage and scheduled to play 3 games, whilst the Women are down to the Quarter Finals and have two games to play. We will also see the start of the Pairs for the Juniors, the Bowlers with a Disability & the Bowlers with a Bowling Arm. Whilst I don’t know enough about the fields in those categories, I will be covering all results tomorrow evening as these events form a crucial part of the gala week and demonstrate that Lawn Bowls truly is the game for all.

Once again I will put my neck on the line by predicting the winners and who I think will make the Final. Michael Sims, now residing in Victoria, will also predict his winners. Amazingly, after 62 predictions, we are both on 31 winners, exactly 50%, just a pass mark. Can we elevate above that 50% line?

Men’s Pairs (Rosny Park)

The first match sees Mick Sweeney & Luke Richardson take on Tom Westlake & Taelyn Male. Richardson is one of the form bowlers from the NW Coast and I think Sweeney should edge out Westlake, I’m taking Richardson to advance. The Victorian selects – Richardson.

Josh Mabb & David Genford will be out for revenge after Josh Appleyard & Lee Schraner defeated them in the Fours Semi Final (And Appleyard knocked out Genford in the singles). Appleyard has been very impressive this week and with Schraner at the helm it’s going to be very tough for Genford to get over the line, Schraner for mine. The Victorian selects – Schraner

Another tale of revenge, this time for Paul Williamson who will meet Brad Johns and Robert McMullen after he was part of the same defeat mentioned above. Williamson is leading for Connor Munnings and his battle against Johns could decide the match. I’m going for an upset here with Munnings to get over McMullen. The Victorian selects – Munnings

The last match of the first half sees Isaac Maughan & David Minns take on Scott Summers & Tim Douce. Minns and Douce have been at the pointy end of bowls in the state for a long time and are always a chance of beating anyone. Therefore I think the leads matchup will decide this one and although I think Maughan will be a talent in the future, for the match tomorrow I think Summers will edge him and give Douce the bowls he needs to work some magic. The Victorian selects – Minns

Gene Ayton comes up against the Super skip Rick Ormerod. Ormerod has been undefeated in pennant play for his new club Dover RSL and was only stopped in the fours by Australia’s number one ranked player. Ormerod will have Chris ‘Nogga’ Norris as his partner whilst Ayton teams up with Tristan Bakes. I think this will be a close battle, but I’m going to take Ormerod just to see pull out the jump rope for heart t shirt he is going to send to Michael Sims! (Sims stated that Ormerod couldn’t skip over a rope let alone a rink) The Victorian selects – Ayton

Sam Springer ditched his brother and now that he has won his section, we may never see Will skip Sam again! Damian Lewis must be playing well for Springer to have advanced but they now come up against a tough combination in Steve Graf & Peter Bannister. Graf is almost the perfect Pairs partner, beautiful draw shot when leading and beautiful controlled weight or draw from the third spot. Bannister has been in form recently, I’m going with Bannister. The Victorian selects – Springer

Matthew Jackson & Daniel Baker will be disappointed after losing the Fours Final yesterday but will take solace in the fact that they are both playing well. They will need to do so when they take on Josh Walker-Davis & Lachie Sims. Sims only just got through his section and with both Jackson & Baker in good form, I think I’ll take the Longford pairing in this one. The Victorian selects – Sims

The last match up sees the every wily John Sutcliffe take on Cameron Tegg. Tegg is another player with all the shots that is just suited beautifully to Pairs play. He teams up with Steve Clifford whilst I’m not sure who Sutcliffe has with him as his original entry was a TBC partner. I was right about Sutcliffe winning his section but I think this might be a little tough for him here, Tegg for mine. The Victorian selects – Sutcliffe

Always tough to pick 2 games in advance but my prediction for the Final is Richardson vs Tegg. The Victorian selects – Schraner vs Springer


Women’s Singles (Rosny Park)

Only 8 teams are left and we have some intriguing match ups on hand.

Both Lyn Triffitt & Candice Hodgetts would have been disappointed to lose their Fours Semi Final today, but one of them will be in another semi-final tomorrow. Triffitt is the defending champion but with a new partner in Jenny Tirant whilst Hodgetts has Glenda Fielding who entered without having a partner, not a bad find in Hodgetts! This is very tough to call. I think I’m going to go with Triffitt as I think Tirant may just have the shots from the 3 spot more than Fielding. I expect a close one none the less. The Victorian selects – Hodgetts

The Buckley sisters of Peri & Yvonne will take on Di Peck & Jacqueline Phillips in an all Sandy Bay affair (I think!). Every time I have seen Yvonne Buckley play I have been impressed with how consistent she is. But with Peck & Phillips knowing the game styles and tactics of the Buckley’s, I think this could go down to the last bowl. I’ll hesitantly take Buckley. The Victorian selects – Buckley

In the lower half of the quarter finals Dee Harman will take on Helen Barnes. Barnes is another Sandy Bay bowler is it any wonder they do so well in the South’s Thursday pennant and teams uop with another Bay player in Nadine Seabourne. Harman will be playing with Alison Venn and if my memory serves me well I did suggest they were a partnership that could make it to the final. If I didn’t say it, I should if. I’ll stick to that thinking and go with Harman. The Victorian selects – Harman

The last game sees the Fours Champion Maxine Monson play against Jorja Maughan. How much champagne did Monson have tonight? When you win your first title you do need to enjoy it and the later start may come in handy. Never the less, Maughan who teams up with Tasmanian Champion of Champions Singles winner Lauren Banks will be keen to show why both players were given the chance in the State team. Monson plays with Jeanette Lane but I think the young girls have a real chance to turn some heads and even go on to win it all. The Victorian selects – Maughan

As for who makes the Final. I think Triffitt will have a chance to defend her crown and she will take on Harman. The Victorian selects – Hodgetts vs Maughan

As you can see, for both finals Sims and I have four totally different pairings, proving how close these contests should be and that if you come out and play your best, you’re a chance to beat anyone!

Good luck to all players in the Pairs Post Sectional games and also to the Juniors, Bowlers with a Disability & Bowlers with a Bowling Arm who start their campaign.

By David Genford