State Championships Pairs Results & Recap

by admin on January 3, 2019

What a big day of bowls. The greens have been very quick and 3 games of cross over pairs has taken its toll on players and volunteers a like. But we do have 8 Women’s pairings and 16 Men’s pairings that will be going through to the next round, so let’s see how the day unfolded.

Women’s Pairs (Rosny Park)

Section 1

After 2 games Carol Bannister was the only skip to have 2 wins and was +10. Chasing her was Helen Barnes who was 1 win +3. Barnes needed a win vs Janet Rutherford and hope that Carmel Rainbird would defeat Bannister. Due to a draw, neither Rutherford nor Rainbird could progress. But Rainbird did record her first win, winning 20-12 over Bannister opening the door for Barnes. She took full advantage winning 21-8 and taking the section by 14 shots.

Section 2

Only 3 in this section saw Kim Saunders defeat Rosie Geeves only for Geeves to then defeat Yvonne Buckley in the second game. Geeves was going to finish 2 wins +11, Saunders was already 2 wins +11 and Buckley was 1 win +2 shots. Saunders needed to win, Buckley needed to win by 10 and Geeves was hoping Buckley would win by less then 10. But the Buckley sisters were up to the challenge and won by 17 taking the section on shots up as all teams had won one and had a bye.

Section 3

This came down to the last game thanks to two wins by both Lyn Triffitt & Rae Simpson. A tantalising match up awaited but did not eventuate. Triffitt was far too strong with Jenny Tirant as her lead, running away 25-3 winners in the final game.

Section 4

Another section of three and it was Jacqueline Phillips that took the upper hand early in this section winning by 12 shots over Shiron Beavis. Beavis would then however go on to defeat Robyn Leggett by 2 shots. That left Beavis out of the running as a -2 shots up was never going to be good enough. Leggett needed to win by 8 shots to guarantee the section but Phillips and Leggett fought a low scoring close battle, with the end result being a draw and Phillips moving on to the Quarter Finals.

Section 5

This section was dominated by the Glenda Fielding and Candice Hodgetts combination. They won by 8, 9 & 12 and were convincing section winners.

Section 6

After losing to Maureen Zoon by 12 shots, it looked like Maxine Monson was out of the section. A 13 shot win in game two got them back in the section, especially with Zoon losing her 2nd match by 2 shots. Everyone had won one match, Zoon was +10, Monson +1, Leona Smith was -2 & Helen Lester was -9. The last game came right down to the wire, both Monson & Zoon were winning but Monson was reeling in the shots up. She would eventually win by 14 shots meaning Zoon needed to win by 5 to force a tiebreak. But it wasn’t to be, Zoon could only win by 3 and it would be Monson to advance.

Section 7

Another section with a Bye and it would be Dee Harman who would take the win in the first match followed by Denise Tanner in the 2nd. Tanner’s win was by 15 shots meaning Harman had to win the last game over Judy Gurr to win the section. With Tanner on the sidelines, Harman was too strong for Gurr winning 18-10 and moving on to the Quarter Finals.

Section 8

The youthful combination of Lauren Banks & Jorja Maughan were able to win all of their matches, their first by 11 and the last two were only by two shots. These girls have been impressive recently and are ones to watch in the post sectional play.


Post Sectional Matches

This now leaves us with the following Quarter Final matches

Lyn Triffitt vs Candice Hodgetts

Yvonne Buckley vs Jacqueline Phillips

Dee Harman vs Helen Barnes

Maxine Monson vs Jorja Maughan


Men’s Pairs (1-6 at Kingborough, 7-12 at Claremont)

Section 1

This wasn’t close. Scott Summers & Tim Douce won by 17, 12 & 19, not much else to say apart from the second placed Roger Dale finished 2 wins +1.

Section 2

With Keith Hinkley defeating Lachie Sims by 6 and Rick Ormerod winning against Dale Maundrill by 19, Ormerod was ready to send the divorce papers to Michael Sims when his brother didn’t win the section. Ormerod didn’t realise that Sims had Josh Walker-Davis with him who has previously won a section despite losing his first game 30-3. Sims got back on track with a 10 shot win but Ormerod was once again successful with a 4 shot win. This set up a direct battle with Sims needing to win by 10 shots to win the section and keep his brother. Sims got the upper hand early and was able to pull away and win by 12 shots, enough to win the section by 5 shots. Ormerod would finish on 2 wins +11 and would have to sweat out the other lucky loser results.

Section 3

Josh Mabb and David Genford were the favourites on paper and an early 11 shot win against Darren Beattie set them up well. The surprise was probably the win of Camron Norris over Grant Wakefield setting them up as Genford’s main challengers. Norris took it up to Genford but would ultimately come up 3 shots short. They needed to gain 9 shots on Genford in the last match but could only win 1, the same margin Genford would beat Wakefield by to take the section with 3 wins. Norris would finish 2 wins +6

Section 4

Steve Clifford & Cameron Tegg played very well and were dominant for the day. They won by 10 & 15 before taking on club mates Cody & Anthony Clifford who got within 4 shots but couldn’t get the win. Phil Hobbs would finish second with 2 wins +6.

Section 5

The key match here was Gene Ayton vs Connor Munnings. Ayton would win by 2 to take the upper hand. Ayton would also win his next match but Munning’s victory by 19 meant that Ayton had to draw or win his last. Playing Craig Griggs, Ayton and Tristan Bakes were too strong and won 15-9. Munnings would also win by 7 leaving him 2 wins +24 and pretty much confirming a spot in the post sectional play as a lucky loser.

Section 6

Schraner was the one to beat and with wins of 18 & 13, he was well on his way. But Peter Bannister would also win his first two games to set up a do or die match. Scores were pretty close until Schraner was able to pull away at the end to win by 3. This left Bannister on 2 wins +10, 3rd best in the sections at Kingborough but no news had come through from Claremont yet.

Section 7

Taelyn Male looked to have this section in the bag, with 2 wins & 17 shots up. The main challenge seemed to come from their 3rd round opponent Sam Springer who had won one match and was +4. Springer needed to win by 7 to win the section. It all came down to the last end but Male could not get the margin under 7, in fact it would be exactly 7, giving Springer the section by 1 shot. It would also leave Male on 2 wins +10, equal to Bannister from Section 6, anything less than 10 was now not going to be good enough to progress as a lucky loser.

Section 8

An interesting section with a draw in each round leaving the section wide open heading into round 3. Pat Hoffman was on 1 win 1 draw +6, Robert Pyke was on 2 draws +0 (obviously) & Rob McMullen was on 1 win 1 draw +29. McMullen would play Hoffman in the last game, Pyke needed them to draw and then win by 30 shots, so basically this was down to Hoffman & McMullen. This section would come right down to the wire with McMullen only winning by 1 shot to take the section! Pyke would finish with 2 wins +4, not enough to progress.

Section 9

Matthew Jackson & Daniel Baker were dominant in this section winning by 6, 7 & 14 to take the section with ease. All other teams in the section would win one game, spoiling each other’s chances of progressing as a lucky loser.

Section 10

Luke Richardson took the early advantage by winning the first game by 14 but would lose to Tony Vince by 2 shots to throw the section wide open. Vince would be the two game winner heading tinto the last but a shots up of 3, didn’t give them much room for error. They needed a draw or win. But Vince struggled against the winless pairing of John McKibben & Michael Eiszele, with Eiszele winning by 11. This allowed Richardson to regain the lead, taking his last game by 5 to win the section. Vince would finish 2 wins -8, not enough shots to progress.

Section 11

John Sutcliffe and Michael Taylor would win both of their first games to set up a do or die match in the third round. Sutcliffe would prove to be too strong, running away 19-8 victors and claiming the section. Taylor would end up with 2 wins +1 to end his run in the tournament.

Section 12

The final section, the players didn’t know it but a section win or 2 wins +11 would get them through to the post sectional matches. +10 and a tiebreak would be required to separate three teams. Jarrah Allan & David Minns would both win their first match whilst Allan would be upset by Patrick Oldham by 2, Minns would comfortably win his 2nd match by 19. This left Minns on 2 wins +22 & Allan on 1 win -1, they would need to win by 12 to take the section. It once again came down to the last end but Allan could not get himself 12 shots in front, he would win by 11, giving Minns the section by 1 shot and leaving Allan on 2 wins +10. A tiebreak would be required.

Lucky Loser Tie Break

The COP state that teams tied will be decided by percentage, dividing their for by their against. Taelyn Male finished 42/32 a percentage of 131%, Peter Banister finished 45/35 a percentage of 129% and Allan finished 48/38 a percentage of 126%. This would mean Male & Bannister would progress and Allan would just miss out.

Post Sectional Match Ups

*The Tie Break above will need to be confirmed by the Match Manager, but I believe the match ups will be*

Luke Richardson vs Taelyn Male

David Genford vs Lee Schraner

Robert McMullen vs Connor Munnings

David Minns vs Tim Douce

Gene Ayton vs Rick Ormerod

Sam Springer vs Peter Bannister

Daniel Baker vs Lachie Sims

John Sutcliffe vs Cameron Tegg

By David Genford