‘So close but yet so far’ for both Tasmanian teams

by admin on October 12, 2016

Day 3 of the Senior Sides Championships saw both Tasmanian teams fail to win a match but both had their chance to take a victory but couldn’t quite get there.

The Men started the day in second place with 3 wins out of 3 but got off to a very slow start against South Australia. Wayne Manson found himself down 3-11, Barry Bone was down 6-11 and Trevor Docking, who entered the day as the second best skip in the competition was down 8-12. It was going to be tough to fight back from there, but the men rallied and started to find some form. Trevor Docking was the only rink not to hit the front but with 4 ends to go was only 2 behind. Manson finally hit the lead on end 19 but was only in front by 1 (16-15) whilst Bone also hit the lead by 1 on the 19th end (18-17). Barry Bone was the first to finish, a 20-17 win thanks to winning the last four ends out the overall scoreboard to within 2 shots with 6 ends to play. Consecutive ones to Tasmania put the scores level and the dream of 4-0 was on the cards. Unfortunately Manson dropped a 2 but then this was followed by a 1 to Docking (losing 20-23), leaving team captain Manson as the last skip on the green with 2 needed for the win. In a very close last end, SA held one and Manson drove but missed on both occasions and the game was over.

The afternoon game was against the Victorians who had won in the morning and were undefeated. If the men wanted a chance to win the title, this was a must win game. But it wasn’t to be. The Victorians played them off the green and were comfortable winners on all 3 rinks. Barry Bone lost 11-26, Wayne Manson lost 14-20 & Trevor Docking lost 15-20. This now puts the men in 5th position with remaining matches against NSW (6th) & WA (3rd). Two tough matches but if they can get 2 wins on the board, a top 3 position awaits.

The women had a reversal of fortune compared to the men. The morning game against South Australia saw Saunders (12-2) & Elsworthy (14-5) get off to great starts but then the wheels fell off with Saunders losing 9 of the last 10 ends and Elsworthy losing 8 of the last 9. Lyn Triffitt was behind for most of the match and this all culminated in a 17 shot loss. The end scores were Saunders 15-19, Elsworthy 20-26 & Triffitt 15-22.

In the afternoon the women faced a Victorian team who was in 3rd position but only had a 2-2 record. And it would be the Victorian’s who make the strong start, pushing out to 10-12 shot margin for most of the game. It wasn’t until the last 15 ends that the Tasmanian women put themselves right into the match. There were no big pick-ups, just consistent bowls and winning ends. Lyn Triffitt won 8 of her last 9 ends and was able to overturn a 6-19 score line into a 20 all draw. Triffitt’s rink of Pat Howard, June Guy & Maxine Monson played very well to make this possible. After 55 ends, the scores were level. After 57 ends, the scores were level. After 59 ends, the scores were level! This really was a match that saw neither team grab a strangle hold. It was then that Tasmania took the advantage, picking up a 2 shot lead with only 3 ends to go. Unfortunately on Saunders’ last end a 4 was dropped, after being 5 down at the changeover (Saunders lost 16-25) and Elsworthy lost a 1 on her second last end making the score 3 down with 1 to play. Elsworthy played a great bowl to make 2 with her first but the opposition drew second shot. The last bowls needed to either go for the kill or sit the shot bowl out for 3. The latter shot was attempted but it fell short and the girls fell 2 shots short of a major upset. Elsworthy’s rink ensured Tasmania would earn 1.5 points with a 26-19 win.

This now leaves Tasmania in 7th spot. They will play the undefeated NSW in the morning followed by WA who are in 6th position.

In the Men’s competition, Victoria are in the box seat but have matches against home team WA and the defending champions NSW. If they slip up in one of these matches, the SA team would need to beat Qld and the NT to leap frog the Vics into the top spot.

In the Women’s competition, NSW need to defeat Tasmania and Victoria to take the title with Queensland ready to pounce if they slip up.

Results from Day 3

Round 4
Qld def WA 61-54 (5-1), SA def Tas 58-56 (5-1), Vic def ACT 94-40 (6-0), NSW def NT 81-40 (6-0)
Round 5
Qld def NT 66-48 (6-0), SA def ACT 84-40 (5-1), Vic def Tas 66-40 (6-0), WA def NSW 69-52 (5.5-0.5)
Ladder – Vic 15, SA 12, WA 9, Qld 9, Tas 9, NSW 6, ACT 0, NT 0

Round 4
Qld def WA 70-50 (6-0), SA def Tas 67-50 (6-0), Vic def ACT 70-41 (6-0), NSW def NT 82-43 (5-1)
Round 5
Qld def NT 67-36 (5-1), Vic def Tas 64-62 (4.5-1.5), NSW def WA 77-50 (5-1), ACT drew with SA 53-53 (3-2 to ACT)
Ladder – NSW 15, Qld 12, Vic 9, SA 7, ACT 7, WA 6, Tas 3, NT 0
By David Genford