2015 State Squads Announced

by admin on May 9, 2015

Tonight at the Bowls Tasmania Gala Dinner, the State Selectors have announced their Open and Development Squads for 2015.  The selectors have named 18 players in each of the men’s and women’s Open Squads that will be in the running for selection in the Test Series against Victoria in December 2015. 
The women’s selectors have named 6 women in their Development Squad, while the men’s selectors have named 9 in theirs.  These players have been identified as potential State Players for the future.  
The squads will be relooked at in January after the State Championships have been held and renamed with 16 players in the men’s and women’s Open Squad’s, who will be in the running for selection for the Australian Sides Championships in March 2016.
Congratulations to the following people that have been named in the 2015 State Open Squads for this upcoming season.
Squad of 18 players (announced at the Gala Dinner on 9th May 2015)



Jacob Brown
Yvonne Buckley

Tim Douce
Makayla Gibson

Chris Dudman
Dee Harman

Brad Gibson
Courtney Hobbs

Anthony Johns
Hollie Keen

Robert McMullen
Jackie Knight

Darren Monks
Debbie Lee

Mark Nitz
Bree Mabb

Aaron Page
Karen Redman

Chris Roach
Kim Saunders

Lee Schraner
Erin Sesara

Tony Simpson
Nicole Smith

Michael Sims
Gail Thow

Patrick Smith
Lyn Triffitt

Mark Strochnetter
Therese Turmine

Scott Summers
Rebecca Van Asch

Cameron Tegg
Alison Venn

Simon Zaporozec
Maureen Zoon



Josh Appleyard
Mikayla Fuller

Tristan Bakes
Rose’Anne Howard

Peter Bannister
Lynn McDougall

Matthew Jackson
Rebecca McMaster

Josh Lording
Satya Springer

Josh Mabb
Denise Tanner

Taelyn Male

Matthew Mitchell

Joey Thomas