Veolia Senior Statewide Challenge RD1 Results

by admin on December 9, 2014

This week saw the first round of the Inaugural  Veolia Senior Statewide Challenge.  The Senior challenge is a new addition to the new look Veolia Statewide Challenge that also consists of Men’s and Women’s Open sections and also an open gender Junior section.  Not only are regions competing for each individual categories overall trophy, but they are also competing for a master overall shield and prize money combining all 5 categories.
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The master overall ladder is now as follows after the conclusion of 2 rounds of Open Challenges, 2 rounds of junior challenges and now 1 round of Senior Challenges.  Please note the South have had chances for bonus points in both the Open and Senior competitions, while the North West have had their chance at bonus points in the Open sections so far.

Results from Round 1 of the Senior Statewide Pennant are as follows;

Game 1.
South 1 defeated North West 14pts – 0pts.
G Allford defeated W Manson 23-10
J McKibben defeated R Cornwall 19-14
P Hoffman defeated B Butler 17-12
South 2 defeated North 12pts – 2pts
T Clark defeated W Groves 18-12
P Clark lost to P Zoon 11-17
A Cooke defeated R Walsh 21-19
Game 2.
South 2 lost to North West 2pts – 12pts.
T Clark lost to R Cornwall 8-23
P Clark defeated W Manson 21-12
A Cooke defeated B Butler 15-17
South 1 defeated North 10pts – 4pts
J McKibben defeated W Groves 34-11
G Allford lost to P Zoon 17-22
P Hoffman lost to R Walsh 15-17

Game 1.
South 1 defeated North West 14pts – 0pts.
Y Buckley defeated G Meachen 27-12
C Bannister defeated M Beaumont 14-11
S Martyn defeated S Geeves 19-12
South 2 lost to North 12pts – 2pts
E Richards lost to K Saunders 8-31
G Coleman lost to M Pearce 16-17
J McPherson defeated S Ross 12-19
Game 2.
South 2 lost to North West 3pts – 11pts.
R Richards drew with S Geeves 12-12
G Coleman defeated G Meachen 12-22
J McPherson lost to M Beaumont 11-24
South 1 defeated North 12pts – 2pts
Y Buckley defeated M Pearce 18-11
C Bannister defeated S Ross 22-12
S Martyn lost to K Saunders 10-21

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