Day 1 Results

by admin on December 3, 2014

The first day of play in the annual Tasmania versus Victoria Test match took place today at the Trevallyn Bowls Club in Launceston with a mixed bag of results.  The Open sides came out roaring in the morning session of play only dropping 1 rink out of 6 to take the first tests in both the Open Men’s and Women’s matches.
However as expected the Victorian’s came out firing in the afternoon sessions turning it around against the Women’s Open Side.  After the tigers taking all three rink wins in the morning, it was the Vic’s that won on all three in the afternoon session to claim the second test.  While our Open Men’s teams couldn’t have been any closer.  McMullen and Strochnetter both narrowly lost by 1 on each of their rinks, while former Victorian Lee Schraner competing in his first French Holbrook Series in Tassie colours skipped his rink to a two shot victory, which secured the draw for the second test.
Both our under 25’s men and women were narrowly defeated for their opening tests by a count back on shots up, after winning 2 disciplines each.  While the Victorian under 18 junior sides cruised to easy first test victories over the young Tasmanians.
With all 6 trophies well and truly still up for grabs, play will commence at 9.30am again on Thursday 4th December at Trevallyn.
Men’s Open Test 1
Tasmania defeated Victoria 56-48
Schraner defeated Roberts 20-11
McMullen lost to Wilson 11-24
Strochnetter defeated Flapper 25-13

Women’s Open Test 1
Tasmania defeated Victoria 61-42
Buckley defeated Shannahan 21-16
Geeves defeated Odgers 19-15
Van Asch defeated Cowan 21-11

Men’s Open Test 2
Tasmania Drew With Victoria 53-53
Schraner defeated Flapper 18-16
McMullen lost to Roberts 20-21
Strochnetter lost to Wilson 15-16

Women’s Open Test 2
Tasmania lost to Victoria 56-48
Buckley lost to Cowan 14-29
Geeves lost to Shannahan 8-23
Van Asch lost to Odgers 14-26

Men’s Under 25 Test 1
Tasmania lost to Victoria on count back 63-71
Singles: Mabb lost to McKinnon 16-25
Pairs: Mabb defeated Higgins 17-16
Triples: Bannister lost to Carlick-Adams 12-14
Fours: Roach defeated Ball 18-16

Women’s Under 25 Test 1
Tasmania lost to Victoria on count back 60-69
Singles: Mabb defeated Troster 25-17
Pairs: Keen defeated Spence 17-16
Triples: Mabb lost to Troster 8-17
Fours: Keen lost to Watt 9-19

Boy’s Under 18 Test 1
Tasmania lost to Victoria 2points to 6points
Singles: Thomas lost to Bye-Norries 7-25
Pairs: Thomas defeated Corless 17-23
Triples: Ellis lost to Bye-Norris 17-23
Fours: Ellis lost to Corless 17-19

Girls Under 18 Test 1
Tasmania lost to Victoria 0points to 8points
Singles: Fuller lost to Brody 11-25
Pairs: Ives lost to Rigoni 4-25
Triples: Fuller lost to Bruggy 19-24
Fours: White lost to Rigoni 7-20